Jimmy Eat World - Live at the 9:30 club

Jimmy Eat World came to the lovely 9:30 club on Tuesday, and Evil Homer was on the scene. JEW at the 9:30 club has a special place in my heart, as I attended their two night DVD recording a few years back. My hopes were high, and they didn't disappoint.

Opening for JEW on this tour is Viva Voce, a duo from Portland comprised of married couple Kevin and Anita Robinson. I immediately deemed them the reverse White Stripes, as Kevin plays drums and Anita plays guitar. Both sing some lead and some backups. These two were a treat. They have a lot of style, a good stage presence, and can jam. Anita is the best female guitar player I think I've ever seen. They were a great warm up, and I'll be picking up an album.

So, jimmy took the stage around 7:30pm (being an early show). The crowd seemed pretty pumped, but turned out to not be (more on that later). A large banner unfurled, revealing the little bird symbol which has been all over their website recently. Wasting no time, they went right into "Big Casino," the opening track from Chase the Light. Big Casino is a solid track, right in line with what JEW does best, rock music. Showing that this would be a great show, they went into "A Praise Chorus" and then "Work." Jim Adkins played through these songs with so much energy and emotion that all could see he was really into it. At the same time, I could tell that this was not the best audience. Many seemed to not be at all versed in songs from Clarity and Futures, and even those who were did little beyond calmly mouthing the lyrics. By the time JEW had finished "Blister," I was pretty sweaty, as was Adkins.

This shows set list seemed to be aimed at the old heads who've been rocking to JEW since Clarity, but they seemed to get a crowd that mostly just listened to Bleed American. That's really a shame to, because the crowd didn't know what they were missing. JEW played an awesome set they even included the song "Robot Factory," which Adkins said before the song that they had not played it in ten years. On top of that, they played probably my all time favorite, "23," and an amazing version of "Kill" that was really powerful and emotional.

The end of the main set and the encore featured most of their radio hits, including "Pain", "Sweetness", and closing with "The Middle."

Overall, this was a great show. The production at the 9:30 club is always top notch, and the atmosphere is great. JEW continue to be one of my favorite bands to see live. Until next time.

Big Casino
A Praise Chorus
Always Be
Lucky Denver Mint
Carry You
For Me This Is Heaven
Robot Factory
Get it Faster
Let it happen
Bleed American


Your House alt version
Hear you me
The Middle

Viva Voce - The Tiger and How We Tamed It

JEW - 23

JEW - Carry You

Quick Hits - The Forms

I was surprised by these guys. It's been since 2004 since their last release, Icarus. Icarus received good reviews from Pitchfork, and pretty good reviews from myself. It didn't wow me though. I'm more of a pop-rock than post-rock or math rock kinda guy. Their new self titled album recently released has definitely taken the band to another level. Produced by Steve Albini(Nirvana, The Pixies) and recorded for 50 pain filled days in Illinois, The Forms seem to really hit their stride on this one. The music is focused and well written. They've added some pop sensibilities that break through the pianos and 7/8 timings every now and again. The production is top notch. Anyone who ever wants to make their music rock more should head on over to Mr. Albini's place and he'll make it happen. So the verdict. The Forms = Good Music. Wednesdays = Not So Good. Happy Halloween.

The Forms - Knowledge In Hand.mp3
The Forms - Bones.mp3

more The Forms --> website --> buy

More "old" news

Nada Surf played a 7 song acoustic set in Chicago on October 20th at the Apple store. And of course there is video. Included are the new tracks "Whose Authority" and "I Like What You Say." Watch and drool.

Its in three parts.


The Cold War Kids coming to a 9:30 club near you

This is prob old news to some, but it was news to me, so I'm posting. And you can't stop me.

The Cold War Kids will be kicking off a limited US tour November 16th in Portland, and will be at my second home (the 9:30 Club) for two night November 27th and 28th. I had the pleasure of watching these guys open for Muse twice this summer, and they rock. Go see them.


Hang Me Up to Dry

Cover of Radiohead's Electioneering


Right now there are only tix on sale for the 27th, but their myspace clearly shows two nights. Not sure what that means.

And what do you know. I mentioned Muse. Thats a perfectly good reason to post more video from their amazing show in Philly this summer.


Every once in a while somebody says to me, "Laurent, you're a sucker for good indie pop." And I say, "Sucker? SUCKER? WHO ARE YOU CALLIN' A SUCKER?!!" (big cloud of dust)
Today I realized I really am a sucker for good indie pop. Robbers On High Street found their way onto the computerized shuffle in my car ride home from work. I was all smiles and steering-wheel-a-pounding. That's what I like. Music that makes me look like a fool...and a sucker.

Robbers On High Street - Crown Victoria.mp3

more Robbers On High Street --> website --> buy

Change Of Pace - VIDEOS

I'm out of it. So out of it I can't even write right. Luckily I found Dangerbird Records has some great videos for some great music we've recently featured on this blog. Enjoy!
Sea Wolf - Winter Windows:

Eulogies - One Man

Dappled Cities - Fire Fire Fire

Toofer Toosday - Voodoo Style

After hearing evilhomer's escapades at Voodoo for the last few days, I decided to dedicate this "toofer" to two bands that I wish I was there to see myself. Spoon and Wilco. These guys pretty much sum up what happens when music goes right(not wrong).
Britt Daniel of Spoon writes songs that breathe from the heart. This allows him to really push and pull with different arrangements of drums, vocals, guitars, and keyboards. Sometimes it's just guitar and drums. Sometimes it's a full band with horns. Either way it never seems too much or too little.
Jeff Tweedy of Wilco puts his soul into every note, every lyric, and every croon of his voice. What more can you ask for from a musician. Enjoy!

Spoon - Back To The Life.mp3
Spoon - The Beast and dragon, Adored.mp3
Wilco - Theologians.mp3
Wilco - Jesus, Etc.(live).mp3

more Spoon --> website --> buy
more Wilco --> website --> buy


Also tonight be sure to check out The Go! Team at the 9:30 club

The Go! Team - Huddle Formation ( RJD2 mix).mp3

more The Go! Team --> website --> buy


Sunday at Voodoo - Gravy Day

Sunday at Voodoo was gravy day; Anything good today was just a bonus. Arriving around 5:00pm, the crowd was noticeably smaller then Saturday's. I assumed many locals just bought day passes for Saturday, and choose to forgo Sunday.

First up were the Black Crows. I had never had the pleasure of catching these guys, though the Birmingham crew speaks highly of them. And I can say that in this case, reports were accurate. The Black Crows rocked for 90 minutes, playing songs that made you feel like you were watching a festival act in the 70's. The Crows just have that classic rock feel that is extremely rare nowadays. I couldn't tell you the name of a single song they played, but it really didn't matter. Very entertaining.

Next up was Common. Now I'm not really a hip hop guy. I leave that up to JB and Laurent the Laurent, but enjoyed the set. Common performs with a a pair of keyboard players and a bad ass drummer, along with a DJ. It's refreshing to see an MC who doesn't just rap over recorded music. The first half of the set rolled by with what I assume were some of Common's hits. The crowd certainly went nuts for a few of them. The second half was what I really enjoyed. Common did a 10 minute hip hop medley that included everything from Biz Markie to NWA. He followed that up with a freestyle session that played to the home crowd, mentioning the Saints and Bourbon street. I dipped out after this to get a good spot for Wilco. Overall, Common was good stuff, and a nice change between the Black Crows and Wilco.

Poor Wilco. I've had a few chances to see them, including at Bonnaroo this year, but they were up against the Decemberists and a good spot for the White Stripes, so they kinda lost that fight. That said, I was happy to hear they would be at Voodoo this year. And I have to say that they were the perfect closer for the festival. Their folky jam style really fit. The crowd had dwindled even more by the time they took the stage, but that only made it more intimate. Jeff Tweedy leads Wilco with an awesome voice and a great stage presence. He talked to the crowd somewhat casually, at one point saying, "Man, this is awesome. Its fairly awesome." Fairly awesome, aside from being quite hilarious at the time, would be a great description for Wilco. Their lead guitar player broke into some amazing solos, but was just as noticeable for his antics. At times he shook like he was having a seizure. And once he was playing his guitar by rubbing it on the back of his head.

Another highlight occurred when Tweedy started a song by dedicating it to Yuri from Mike. Soon, on the big screen, an image appeared with the message, "Yuri, will you marry me?" After the song the crowd discover that she said yes, causing a huge ovation.

Wico rocked for another half hour or so, closing with a great jam that included a lovely segment of dueling guitars. And with that, Voodoo 2007 came to a close. It was a great weekend with a bunch of good performances, especially RATM, Spoon, and Wilco.

Monday Mystery Tour #5

Here's the solution from last week's contest. Sorry JB.

KRS-One - Come To Da Party.mp3
Pixies - Where Is My Mind.mp3
Bishop Allen - Busted Heart.mp3
Cake - Cool Blue Reason.mp3
Modest Mouse - Black Cadillacs.mp3

And now for this weeks chance to win IMMORTAL LIFE(on the sidebar of this blog)!!! And a MASTERPIECE OF YOU AND ALL YOUR GLORY(a comic drawn by me showing your triumph over the Mystery Tour)!!!
So give it a shot. You've got 7 days.
Monday Mix Down 5.mp3

Shows...on a Monday?

Believe it or not, it's Monday. There are things that can make us forget about the long work week ahead for a couple of hours at least. Tonight at Johnny Brenda's in Philly Dappled Cities opens up for a fave of mine, Figurines. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Dappled Cities plays intelligent experimental indie pop. Good songs with a touch of something else usually thrown into the mix. Take a listen or go see them tonight.

Dappled Cities - Fire Fire Fire.mp3
more Dappled Cities --> website --> buy

Figurines - Drunkard's Dream.mp3
more Figurines --> website --> buy

Cake on tour

Cake has apparantly decided to bring back the Unlimited Sunshine tour during a time when sunshine is extremely limited.

Joining Cake on this go round will be Brazilian Girls, Oakley Hall, Detroit Cobras, King City, and Agent Ribbons.


4th & B
San Diego, CA

Orpheum Theater
Los Angeles, CA

The Grove
Anaheim, CA

Crystal Ballroom
Portland, OR

Merrill Auditorium
Portland, ME

Providence, RI

The Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA

Commerce Bank Arts Centre
Sewell, NJ

Toad's Place
Richmond, VA

Constitution Hall
Washington DC

Terminal 5
New York, NY

Terminal 5
New York, NY

The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA



Smashing Pumpkins at Voodoo

[Circus music]
Doomsday Clock
Bring the Light
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
[Pomp and Circumstances?]
Stand Inside Your Love
Tonight Tonight
Glass and the Ghost Children
To Sheila
Set the Ray to Jerry
That’s the Way (My Love Is)
United States

Heavy Metal Machine
Born on the Bayou [Credence Clearwater Revival]
I Love Rock ‘n Roll [Arrows]

Thanx to hipsters united

Evil Homer's take:

This will not be as extensive as my RATM review, because.....well, because I'm tired today.

The Pumpkins had a hard act to follow, considering the amazing show by Rage Friday night, and it showed. SP just didn't have enough energy for my tastes. Many times throughout the show, the stage would be going nuts, with lights flashing like wild, but the band seemed like they were at a poetry reading. Coming out to Superchrist and then doomsday clock was pretty cool. Bullet With Butterfly Wings really had the crowd pumped, but following with Pomp and Circumstances and Stand Inside Your Love just didn't do it for me. Admittedly, I'm not the biggest Pumpkins fan by any means, but I really thought I'd be familiar with most of what they'd play, considering I do have the new album.

Anywho, Tarantula is a great song, and they rocked it hard, but the best part of the show for me was Billy Corgan doing a solo acoustic version of 1979. That was really cool. Overall, good show, but certainly not nearly as good as Rage.

You haven't seen Spoon yet. WTF.

So, for all you slack-asses who haven't seen Spoon since my post three hours ago, here's a video of "I Summon You" at Berkley last year.

Many thanx to memmatthew for many awesome videos of Spoon (and others; check it out)

And here's a live version of "I turn My Camera On," courtesy of kerndmb


Quick Hits from Voodoo

Just a few observations from this years Voodoo Music Festival:

- This years festival grounds are wholly unimpressive compared to 2004. No sculptures, statues, artwork, etc. WTF. How's it supposed to feel "voodooy" if all I see is big inflatable Southern Comfort bottles.

- Funk bands always have to brag about how funky they are. I caught some of Big Sam's Funky Nation, and the first song was dominated by the lyric, "ain't it funky now." In defense of Big Sam though, they were pretty funky.

- Hosting a festival around Halloween is the best idea ever. Today I saw everything from pirates to devils to Aquaman. Seriously.......Aquaman. And that's not even talkin' about the ladies. Grrr.

- Not that this is some deep revelation, but Ben Harper is flat out nasty with a guitar. Even more so when he's sitting down.

- Sometimes I wish people wouldn't tell me that they think a band is good. Porcupine Tree....not good. Coheed and Cambria....not good.

- Spoon....really, really good. Best treat of the festival thus far. Go see them NOW.

- Why are you still reading this. Go see Spoon, dammit!!

- Oh yeah, the Smashing Pumpkins played tonight. More on that tomorrow.

Bellman Barker Blazes Brilliantly

It's nice when you discover a decent band right in your own neck of the woods. Well DC is close enough. Bellman Barker play honest indie pop. It gets your toe a tappin and your hands a clappin. In May they released Anise & Anisette, and are starting to make a name for themselves. While they're not blazing any trails with this album, they are burning up my li'l pod. Be sure to check them out tonight at the Velvet Lounge in DC. If you can't make it, they're also playing the Ottobar in Baltimore on November 16th.

Bellman Barker - Molly Maroon.mp3

Bellman Barker - Charles Kil.mp3

more Bellman Barker --> website --> buy

RATM Live at Voodoo

The crowd at Voodoo 2007 was waiting for the start of the Kings of Leon, when a local radio station DJ took the stage. He did the usual festival stuff; He asked the crowd if they were having a good time, if they liked the beer and booze local vendors were selling. Then he moved on to Rage. Paraphrasing, "These guys aren't playing every city in the US. Them coming here to New Orleans is a big fucking deal." And it was a BFD. One of the most controversial and amazing bands in the last 20 years brought their protest songs and anger to the Big Easy last night, and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Voodoo decided to place its two primary stages fairly close by and facing each other, so the stages alternated performances. Between 8pm and 9pm, while M.I.A. performed on the Sony stage, most of the festivals attendees steadily jockeyed for position. Never have I heard so many people state what time it was or how much time was left to wait. The scheduled start time of 9:10 came and went, and the crowd grew restless. but all was good when around 9:25, the stage went black, and a series of chain motors began to raise a huge backdrop of a single red star.

As the first notes of "Testify" sounded, the crowd surged. Most of the song was spent bouncing around and staying upright through none of my own power. The mood for the show was set as "Testify" reached its climax. With Zach De La Rocha commanding the crowd, all in attendance sang, "who controls the past now controls the future." Rage plowed through hit after hit, from "Bulls on Parade," to "People of the Sun." The crowd (and myself) almost screaming every lyric back at the stage. Tom Morello consistently awed the crowd with his amazing guitar work, but this show belonged to Zach. His presence on the stage, and the amazing fire in his eyes were impossible to ignore. As he rapped his way through "Rodeo," he pointed an imaginary shotgun at the crowd, and played to the home crowd by ad libbing, "I'm rolling down Canal st. with a shotgun."

Mosh pits broke out nearly everywhere in the crowd, but many were quite friendly with some just enjoying the open space to jump up and down, amazed at what they were witnessing. Those who fell on the muddy ground were quickly scooped up. I witnessed very few people that were looking to really rumble. Most just had a good time.

The end of the main set was a perfect duo of songs. "Sleep Now in the Fire" brought an amazing level of excitement for a crowd that had been rocking for an hour. So much so that as "Wake Up" was played, it was almost peaceful. As the slower middle part began, Zach decided it was time for a departure from lyrics. Prior, there had been almost no talking besides the songs themselves. He spoke of visiting the 9th ward, and having an epiphany. He claimed that the US government is currently at war in two places, Iraq and against the people of New Orleans. Some of the crowd cheered, but most seemed to dismiss it, possibly because much of the crowd were not locals. After completing the throat scorching chant of "Wake Up," RATM exited to a huge ovation.

As a veteran of RATM shows, I knew what would be coming after the break, and after about five minutes, they returned and the first notes of "Freedom" began. Building to the first climax, the band fell silent and the stage dark, save a spotlight on De La Rocha. He peered out into the waiting crowd, and shouted "Your anger is a gift." Freedom continued to its expected climax, followed by Morello quietly playing the notes that everyone expected. "Killing in the Name of" rocked the crowd yet again, with some improvised lyrics. "Some of those that burn crosses, are the ones who hold office" emphasised the strong anti-authority message that made RATM so exciting and so popular. As obvious as these messages are on their albums, when witnessing Rage live, it is still amazing to see how passionate De La Rocha is about his music and the causes they promote. After an amazing show like that, I might not go out and start rioting in the streets, but it does cross your mind.

RATM setlist

Rage. Against. The. Machine.

Live at Voodoo. Review tommorrow.


FRIDAY (I'm A Remix)

It's the last day of the work week(for some). A time to ponder, digest, and reuse what was learned over the last five days. Or maybe we just want to forget the whole darn thang. Doctor's orders: Take two of these:

The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health(Ratatat Remix).mp3

Architecture In Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind(Haima's Remix).mp3

more The Knife --> website --> buy
more Architecture In Helsinki --> website --> buy

Stars at the Trocadero - Show Review

Stars brought their unique blend of indie pop all the way from their native Montreal to the lovely Trocadero theater in Philadelphia on October 24th, and Evil Homer was there with his pitchfork.
Stars released their fourth full length album, entitled
In Our Bedroom After The War, on September 25th of this year. It's a good listen, blending vocal harmonies of Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan, over always unpredictable changes in tempo and speed. The album flows between the dark feel of "Personal," to the epic and powerful closing track, which is the title track. Anywho, on to the show.

After a somewhat forgettable opening performance by New Buffalo, I made my way to the main fllor to get a good spot. The stage was decorated with bouquets of flowers seemingly everywhere, and artwork in gallery frames that remained lit throughout the show. The house was near capacity with a crowd quite diverse in style and age. After the cursory wait, Stars took the stage. Campell's and Millan's presence on stage quickly focused the crowd on their interaction, starting with
Take Me To The Riot. The band was in sync, making transition smoothly. Overall sound quality was good, but both lead vocals were a bit buried in the mix, making it quite difficult to totally enjoy, and near impossible to understand what Campbell said between songs. Throughout the show, various flowers were tossed to the crowd, making for a great visual of the crowd as a garden.

The highlight of the show for me included
Reunion, chronicling being reintroduced to an ex-lover. Amy Millan really grabs the crowd, with her smooth and silky vocal skills. The song caries a lot of emotional lyrics, and the live version didn't leave you feeling let down. My other favorite was Bedroom. The song builds so slowly from just keys and vocals that by the time Stars have reached the climax, with Campbell repeating "After the war," and the band full out rockin', that you don't realize you've been loudly signing along. Bedroom ended the main set in style, and solidly put the show into the category of rockin'. I give it seven Homers.

Set List:

Take Me to the Riot
Set Yourself on Fire
Elevator Love Letter
Genova Heights
Bitches in Tokyo
One More Night
Look Up
Soft Revy
Midnight Coward
Window Bird
You're Ex-Lover is Dead
What I'm Trying to Say
Sleep Tonight
In Our Bedroom After the War

Song that I don't know and wasn't on the setlist
My Favourite Book
Celebration Guns
Calendar Girl

P.S. RATM tonight. Holla.

P.P.S. Thanx to Katherine for jogging my memory that they did close with Calendar Girl. They didn't include the encore on the setlist, and I'm a crack baby.

She's got a cool blog. You should read it.

Live and Direct Around Baltimore

The fall season is overflowing with good shows. While evilhomer is at Voodoo today, there are some happenings around the Baltimore-DC area.
On Saturday, New Pornographers roll into the 9:30 club sporting a new album. They're playing with Emma Pollock and Benjy Ferree. If you haven't bought tickets than it's too late. They're sold out. But Pasta has some relief for you right here:

New Pornographers - My Rights Versus Yours.mp3
more New Pornographers --> website --> buy


On Sunday at the Rock & Roll Hotel in DC, Annuals come in with their amazing live sound. If you haven't had a chance to see them, now is the time. They're playing with the Manchester Orchestra.

Annuals - Mama.mp3
more Annuals --> website --> buy


On Sunday at the 9:30 club the Shout Out Louds drop in for support of their new album, Our Ill Wills. The opening acts are Johnossi and Nico Vega. The 9:30 is an awesome venue so all these bands should simply sound wonderful if you're lucky enough to get down there for the shows.

Shout Out Louds - Normandie.mp3
more Shout Out Louds --> website --> buy


Quick Hits - Eulogies

Everyone knows I'm a fan of Sea Wolf. Well their Dangerbird label mates, Eulogies, is starting to make an impression on me also. Their self titled debut came out this September and its rockin' the 'ol pod right now. Eulogies plays straight forward indie rock taking me back to the likes of Wilco, Sebadoh, and Built To Spill. That's pretty high company, I know, but there's nothing more appealing than a band that just PLAYS ROCK MUSIC. They don't fuss around.

Eulogies - Life Boat
Eulogies - Running In The Rain

more Eulogies --> website --> buy

Nada Surf / Sea Wolf @ the Bottletree 10/24

So i had the pleasure of seeing Nada Surf and Sea Wolf last night and it was quite an eventful evening. I'll start with the venue. The Bottletree has recently emerged here in Birmingham as the place for quality but not huge bands to go. Perfect place for Nada Surf. There is a projection screen covering the stage at first but when the band is ready to go they flip the screen up and BAM! let the show begin. Its great because you never really feel that sense of urgency when you are just starring at an empty stage and you get pumped every time a tech comes on stage to prep. On to the shows.

Sea Wolf had a lot going against them. Its the opening band syndrome and it occurs at nearly every show. It must be hard and i feel sorry for bands for this too. I mean 7 times out of 10 you usually haven't heard of the band so that hurts. Then you have the fact that the people cant wait to hear those famous "this is our last one" so after every song you're just another song closer to seeing the band you came for and people just want you off the stage. I don't know if this is just me or if this happens to a lot of people but there is usually something that pisses me off during the opening act be it a drunken fool talking too loud or a funny looking band member or its the person who is pissed off at me because I'm so tall and i am blocking their view because i don't belong there or something.

Sea Wolf - Black Dirt.mp3

All that being said Sea Wolf was able to overcome the odds and put on a great show. They started out a little slow but song 3 got me. I am going to show my ignorance by saying that even though this blog recommend you check out Sea Wolf i did not do so besides a single that i got at my record store. Please forgive me for not knowing the song titles. Anyone that does know about them knows that they write very genuine songs with lyrics that may not grab you at first but come across sincere and heartfelt. OK so the opening band syndrome did strike in the form of a band member that distract me from my enjoyment. It was their cello player, she played great, there was nothing wrong with that but she apparently had a hard time looking at the crowd. It wasn't that she just looked at her instrument and was concentrating on her playing she was intentionally not looking at the crowd. I know, i know i am being WAY to picky here but toward the end of the show it was really bothering me. That was until they played their "last song" (cue crowd cheer) 'Black Dirt'. WOW What a tremendous song. They packed this song full of intensity and a couple of different building sections that made me want to hear them play another set. If you go just to see Nada Surf you won't be disappointed if you see these guys. Good job Sea Wolf to overcome the odds.

Now onto Nada Surf. I've seen them half a dozen times and after the last time i thought they couldn't get any better but man was i wrong. They really brought it tonight. I don't know if its because they have played these songs so many times that they sound better together as a band or if they have re-tooled a couple of things to make certain songs different but this was the best i have seen them play. Starting off with 'Happy Kid' was a perfect way to begin things. Their energy really shined through right from the start. At the last show the bassist Daniel did a lot of the talking but at this show lead singer Matthew was engaging the crowd and introing all the songs with inspiration driven tales about how they came to be. Before 'Fruit Flies' he told us about how just recently he had to rid his house of fruit flies and how he hoped the flies didn't hold grudges. 'Killian's Red' which is one of my favorites was delivered with a harrowing bass line that really set the tone of this song. A couple of new tracks were debuted as well 'Whose Authority' and 'I like what you say' . 'I like what you say' was my favorite of the two but each of them got me real exited for the new album which will be coming out in Feb. '08. As many times as I have seen them I had never heard the song 'Popular' which I thought up until now was a song that they had blacklisted and I was never going to hear it. Some would say it wouldn't be their choice pick if they got a request but a fan had brought a guitar for the band to sign and he had asked them if they would play it. They not only played it they tore it down. He was singing the verses like a madman and by this point in the show sweat was pouring down his face as they launched into the chorus. It made it worth waiting this long to see it. They ended their regular set with "Imaginary Friends", 'Paper Boats' and the best version of 'Hyperspace' I've ever heard. It was almost as if they just didn't want to leave the stage they just kept rocking the end. They came back out and cooled everyone off with a touching 'Blonde on Blonde' which we needed after the way the ended the first set. ' Do it Again' really got the crowd going mainly due to a large contingent of people near me that had wanted to hear that one the whole time and they went crazy. ' Blankest Year' is and was the perfect closer for this and any subsequent shows that they have. Having the whole crowd shouting FUCK IT! is always a recipe for success.
After the show we met up with Matthew and got him to sign our set lists, how we got them is a story I'd rather not tell at this time but anyway, and we were about to leave when we say the bassist Daniel outside the van. When we asked for his autograph he invited us back in to have some drinks with him. How can you say no to that! We ended up buying each other a couple rounds talking about everything from the new album to kids needing to learn foreign languages. It was great it wasn't until the bartender said " If you're not leaving with the band you gotta leave here" that I realized that we had been talking for an hour and a half, just Daniel and two of my friends. It was an all around incredible night. Go see Nada Surf if they are anywhere near you and I'm sure you will have a good time.

Nada Surf - Killian's Red.mp3


J-Live? Trust me. He's good.

Before I even talk about him, listen.

J-Live - Feel Like Spittin' (produced by Da Beatminerz) from Reveal the Secret EP
J-Live - Wax Paper (produced by Prince Paul) from The Best Part
J-Live - Braggin Rights Revisted (produced by Premier) from The Best Part

Now you know. Why isn't J-Live blowing up charts? I dunno. That's the state of hip hop I guess. Everything J-Live is on, is friggin great. The majority of his albums are just plain ridiculously good. Go get one and find out for yourself. He's worked with Premier, Prince Paul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Spinna. Braggin' Rights Revisted is a classic for the mixtape and it looks like his new EP Reveal the Secret(came out yesterday via BBE Music) will be chocked full of classics too. A lot of MCs these days look to gimmicks and guest stars to make their albums more 'interesting' or 'appealing'. J-Live just raps like his life depends on it. Trust me. He's Good.

more J-Live --> website --> buy



These days I've been sifting through a multitude of new music and have yet to come to terms with any of it(besides Radiohead and Sea Wolf). So in a time like this I like to look at the 'ol collection and select what some may call a 'banger'. A song that was a classic from the moment I heard it.

The Lisps - Pepper Spray

This songs got it all. Catchy pop lyrics loaded with twisted cynicism. Guitar and electronics that aren't too electronic. A guy and a girl singing back and forth. Whistling. Come on this song was born to be a 'banger'. Enough about the song let's talk about the band. The Lisps are a four piece from New York City that is known for catchy tunes and occasionally dressing up in old timey clothes. They currently have their debut EP out and a future LP coming out in January 2008. I doubt they can top this song. It's too good. But they've got me waiting for that January release just to find out.

more The Lisps --> website --> buy

JEW - Chase The Light review

So, Chase the Light was released last Tuesday, and I'm here to give you the Evil Homer take on it.

My initial impression was a little bit of a let down. Both Futures and Bleed American their self titled album had at least one song that grabs you on the first listen. Chase the Light lacked that for me. However, this is a really solid album, and I found several favorites upon a second listen.

Jim Adkins continues to put together powerful lyrics about life's troubles. "Always Be" expresses a deep sense of loneliness, whilst an almost chipper beat slaps along in the background (yeah, I used "whilst"). Many JEW songs have that odd dichotomy of having dark lyrics, but still make you want to crank up your stereo.

"Carry You" continues JEW's ability to weave guitar harmonies and background vocals to create a really pretty song. For me, Carry You reminds me of the songs from the indie/emo masterpiece that was Clarity. It paints a picture of a couple that cannot last long, but must enjoy the moment.

However, Chase the Light doesn't get it right on every track. "Gotta Be Somebody's Blues" feels like it was produced by someone listening to a Phil Collins album in the 80's. For me, the song lacks enough content, but is overflowing with reverb on the vocals and drums. Folowing that is "Feeling Lucky," which for me also lacks any depth. It feels way too polished with no real style to begin with.

Speaking of producers, I was greatly surprised to see that Butch Vig of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth fame had something to do with this album. I'm not sure what kind of drugs he must have been on, because this album most noticeably lacks the edge that he is known to bring to a project. The vocals and keys on "Here it Goes" sound more like a boy band project than a rock band.

That all aside, if there is one thing that JEW always nails on their albums, its the closing track. And "Dizzy" continues that awesome tradition. The distinctive double tap kick drum lets you know this song is not here to play. It builds into a beautiful and powerful crescendo that leaves the album feeling full and strong.

Overall, I think this album adds another good notch to the catalog of quality music by Mesa, Arizona's finest. I give it 6 Homers.

Carry You

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Toofer Toosday - Eliot Lipp & Blu


Eliot Lipp is not your average DJ. There's no flash. There's no showboating of 'skills'. There's just smooth electronic funk. Maybe it has something to do with him growing up in Tacoma, Washington. All that rain washed away the sparkle, but fueled the soul in him. If you're looking to sit back and write, draw, or stare into space tonight, then do yourself a favor and check Eliot Lipp.

Eliot Lipp - Digital Disko
(off of City Synthesis)
Eliot Lipp - Dark Party Mix live in San Francisco
Eliot Lipp - Electro Mix

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Blu and Exile are bringing back LA hip hop with his recent album Below The Heavens. That's a bold statement, but sometimes we need bold statements. While the indie rock side of my brain is fed often, it's rare that I come across some hip hop these days that truly fills me up. Maybe that's just the mood I'm in right now. So be it. In the tradition of the Pharcyde and Jurassic 5, Blu and DJ, Exile(who you may remember from Emanon) have put out a solid hip hop album, with good production and lyrics that could stand alone and still be entertaining. What appeals to me about Blu is that the truth really comes across in his lyrics. Sometimes some MCs don't present themselves as believable, but Blu's rhymes about life paint a detailed picture of who he is and what he's thinking.

Blu - Good Life(Show Me) featuring Joseph and Aloe Blacc

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Monday Mystery Tour #4

So here we are again. Another MMT. This time the stakes are higher. I know before the prize was to be immortalized on this 'lil blog's sidebar. That is still the prive, but with an added bonus. Now there will be an illustrated comic of your rise to power in the Monday Mystery Tour challenge. That could be you in the above picture conquering Mt. MMT. So give it a shot. 5 songs in this mix. What are they? You've got 7 days to tell me(unless someone else tells me first).
Monday Mixdown #4

Oh and here's the solution for last weeks tour:
Lyrics Born - Do That There
We Are Scientists - Lousy Reputation
Oh No - To Be An MC feat. KJ7
K-os - Sunday Morning
Illinois - What Can I Do For You


Apostle Of Hustle - New Video & Huey Lewis

Did I mention I am completely into Apostle of Hustle. They just put out well crafted drum and melody driven songs. Well they are at again. This time covering Huey Lewis and the News? Why not:
Apostle of Hustle - I Want A New Drug

In other AoH news, they just released a video for Cheap Like Sebastien. Umm...yeah...check it out here.

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Caribou Live

Hey there folks. I've got a little friday info for y'all. First Caribou has announced that they've made an entire concert(at the pink room) available for free at youtube along with some other videos of theirs. Check it out here.
Caribou - Melody Day
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They also have released a new tour cd that features 6 exclusive tracks and a half hour dj mix. Be sure to pick it up when you see them!


Black Moth Supr Rainbow - Sun Lips Video

So you think you've seen it all, right? Wrong.

Now you've seen it all. via gorillavsbear

Their recent album is pretty good. If you're into psychedelic electro funk with synth vocals then I recommend you go pick it up.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips
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Illinois and Menomena - On Tour

November is a busy month for shows. Now its busier. I come to find out today that Menomena and Illinois are playing the Black Cat in Washington DC on November 6th...a Tuesday. Why oh why is the weekend only two friggin' days! Hmm...unless...hehehe. Anyway I was talking about something, wasn't I? Oh yes! Good music! Listen. Buy. Go to the show. Maybe I'll see you there.
Illinois - Screendoor
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Menomena - Wet and Rusting
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Rivers Cuomo - New Album

Filter just reported that Rivers Cuomo has a new album coming out in December. If you've been following Weezer over the years, you probably know that Rivers writes an extensive amount of songs, many of which never see the light of day. This album is a selection of demos and songs that he has written over the years. Good news in the music world is just over flowing these days.
Rivers Cuomo - Pig

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Thats actually kinda cool.......for Pollstar

Pollstar, the self appointed "concert hot wire," which is always weeks behind on tour announcements, has a new feature that tracks artists' appearances on TV programs.

Its called Scheduled to Appear, and its actually a good idea. I hate missing a good band on Conan or Leno. Not sure where to link, since they just posted it today in "news."

Toofer Toosday - Figurines & The Seedy Seeds

Another drab Monday passes by and I realize it's a long time 'til the weekend. Then I remembered it's TOOFER TOOSDAY time!!! Up first is a band I'm quite fond of, Figurines. Yes yes the Baltimore-Denmark connection is alive and thriving. I first heard of these guys after they released Skeleton in 2005. Now they've got a new album When The Deer Wore Blue. Skeleton had high energy shaken up with strong pop sensabilities. When The Deer Wore Blue is toned down on the energy side, but taken up a notch with strong lyrics and pop melodies. If you're a fan of straight up pop rock with a twist of off beat Modestmousenessities, then you should check Figurines out.
Figurines - Bee Dee (from When The Deer Wore Blue)
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Next up is The Seedy Seeds. "The Seedy Seeds don't know you, but they already like you." How can you not be interested in a band that says that. The Seedy Seeds formed in 2005 and make danceable indie rock electronica pop. Imagine Imperial Teen with electronic beats, samples, and of course banjos. Here's a great song of theirs and you can stream more on their site.
The Seedy Seeds - Earned Average Dance America
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Video: Arcade Fire and The Boss

I was always reminded of Bruce Springsteen and his wall of sound production when I listened to Arcade Fire. Maybe I was onto something...because here's a live performance with bothe of them performing a kick ass version of Keep The Car Running. Thanks to You Ain't No Picasso for leading me to this. Enjoy!

Monday Mystery Tour #3

Okay. so nobody took a stab at this one. I guess I understand. The new music that came out this week basically blanked my mind to. I couldn't even remember who I put on this mix. Luckily I wrote it down.
1. Cat Power - Hate
2. Deltron 3030- Positive Contact
3. Phoenix - Long Distance Call
4. American Analog Set - Gone To Earth
5. The National - Fake Empire

So this week hopefully someone takes a whirl on the 'ol MMT. I know I'm not offering much in terms of prizes. but you would get braggin' rights and an eternal spot on the sidebar of this sweet blog. Knock yourself out.

Monday Mix Down #3


Superdrag: Part Preview, Part Review

Superdrag has posted this video of Whiteys Theme on their website from the October 5th show in Nashville which JB attended (btw, where's the review dude?). Still weird to see John with a shaved head, but they sound great. Lookin forward to November 8th at the 9:30 club.



New Nada Surf

As if this week wasn't already chocked full of great music, I just found out today that Nada Surf has officially announced the release of their next album entitled lucky. The release date is set for February 5, 2008. The album is produced by the band and John Goodmanson(Death Cab For Cutie, Blonde Redhead, Sleater-Kinney) and feautures contributions from Ben Gibbard and Ed Harcourt. They also have made a free track available for download to give everyone an idea of what this album will sound like.
Nada Surf - See These Bones(from lucky)
If the whole album sounds like this I would be most pleased. The end of this song just kicks butt!
Here's the tracklist from the album:

Whose Authority
Beautiful Beat
Here Goes Something
From Now On
I Like What You Say
Ice on the Wing
The Film Did Not Go 'Round
The Fox
Are You Lightning?
See These Bones

They are also on tour w/Sea Wolf as I mentioned a coupla days ago.

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I'm A Criminal - A Friday Rant

Well as evilhomer posted a couple of weeks ago, a woman was found guilty for sharing some songs and had to pay a 'hefty' fine. What I just read today on the WIRED blog is a whole other can of proverbial worms. According to the Sony BMG Exec that was on the stand, anytime you buy a cd and upload it to your ipod or burn a copy for your wife to listen on her way to work or make any copy of that cd not without the intention of sales or use by any other person but yourself and your listening enjoyment, it is still considered "stealing". So basically all the people that have ipods out there need to put their cd collection away and repurchase all of their music in digital formats to listen to themon the handy portable device. WTF. Look, illegally downloading music is not good. That's why its illegal. But people are buying these cds. They are not sharing them over the internet. They are enjoying the music on one of these new modern devices. Most likely if they enjoy it enough, they will go out and buy more cds. I could keep going on this forever because it irks me. These bigwigs wonder why there companies are losing money. It's not because of the downloading or because of people uploading music to their ipods. It's because they don't care about the music. When you don't care about the sole thing you are selling, then you are bound to fail. Support Radiohead. Support NIN(who I don't dig that much, but apparently they are going to try the whole release it yourself-radiohead thang). Go to concerts. Buy the music directly from the bands. Ask them if they mind you uploading their music to your ipod from the cd. And Sony. Wake up. This is the friggin 21st century not the 1980s.

Mysterious Wolves Of The Sea

While temporarily engulfed with the beautiful music of Radiohead, I some how managed to come up to the surface and remember that there is some other music being produced these days. And hey this music ain't half bad either. Sea Wolf's frontman Alex Brown Church is mysterious fellow it seems. Or at least that's what comes across in Sea Wolf's music for me. This is music to sit on the porch of an old cabin by the mountainside while gazing into the light fog hanging there down in the valley. Not really Friday music, but quite possibly good Sunday morning music.

Sea Wolf - Black Dirt

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Also Sea Wolf is currently on tour with NADA SURF! Check their myspace page for the dates. If you're in the Baltimore area they will be at the 8x10 on November 2nd.


Quick Hits - Pinback

Pinback always puts out a solid album. Nothing to write home about(I rarely write home anyway), but a good listen all in all. Their latest album, Autumn Of The Seraphs, came out in September via Touch and Go Records. This one has a little more bite to it, perhaps because of the addition of two new drummers to the record. Mario Rubalcaba (Rocket from the Crypt) and Chris Prescott(No Knife) add an energy that was absent from past releases. Before the drums, the guitar, and bass were super syncopated, creating a beautiful sound, but sometimes a bit repetitive. On Autumn Of The Seraphs the drums and guitars are allowed to roam free a bit and explode into energy. BLAM! Well maybe not so much. It's the same Pinback we all know and love, but with a twist.
Pinback - From Nothing To Nowhere
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