Slow Driving

If today's a day where you're gonna do some slow driving through the countryside then do I have a track for you. I know what you're thinking. Hip Hop and the countryside? That's just plain gooble-D-gook. Trust me. I bring to you one of my all time faves, Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf. With raps like old school LL Cool J and production like no one on earth(PB Wolf is the greatest), it's hard to not listen to this on repeat. Enjoy!

Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf - Methods

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I Hardly Knew Yee

It's a shame when your riding along listening to some music and thinking to yourself, "Wow this stuff is great. I really should listen to more of this."(yup. you guessed it. i talk to myself all the time) Then you get to your final destination, hop onto the innernet and look to see the expanded catalogue of the music you were just listening to. Only to discover that not one, but both bands that you had been so joyously listening to had broken up. Well here's to you Grandaddy and Bravo Silva. Thanks for the memories. I'll pour a forty on the curb just for you.

Bravo Silva - I Can't Say Goodbye

Grandaddy - Elevate Myself

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So this is it...

So music is good, right? I mean really good, right? I'm glad you think so 'cause that's what this 'lil blog is about. Every couple of days there'll be something new to audiophonically(not a word) peruse. Today's bite relates to my food themed title.

Beastie Boys - What Comes Around

Somehow the Beasties are still making good music. It's amazing to me how anyone can throw a line like "I'm all mixed up like pasta primavera" into a rap and have it still be amazing. In fact I look forward to those cheesy lines on every single Beastie Boys album. Hope this song puts a smile on your mug.