So this is it...

So music is good, right? I mean really good, right? I'm glad you think so 'cause that's what this 'lil blog is about. Every couple of days there'll be something new to audiophonically(not a word) peruse. Today's bite relates to my food themed title.

Beastie Boys - What Comes Around

Somehow the Beasties are still making good music. It's amazing to me how anyone can throw a line like "I'm all mixed up like pasta primavera" into a rap and have it still be amazing. In fact I look forward to those cheesy lines on every single Beastie Boys album. Hope this song puts a smile on your mug.

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JB said...

its too bad they didnt allow for those awesome cheesy lines on thier newest album by making it instramental. yo why'd you throw that chair at Geraldo Rivera man?