Monday Mystery Tour #1

Welcome to the first of many Monday Mystery Tour contests featured here on Pasta Primavera. Here's how it works:
1. I post a five song mix.
2. You listen to it.
3. You tell me what songs are on this mix within 6 days.
4. If you are right, you gain mad props from me and are immortalized forever on the sidebar of this 'lil blog.

So if you are up for the challenge, listen away:
Monday Mixdown #1

Support The Lefties!

The Knife have been nominated for an mtvU Woodie Award. They're up for a "Left Field Woodie" which is all about breakin' the mold of normal music. They've got some competition though. Also nominated are Madvillain, The Klaxons, CSS, and Rodrigo Y Gabriela. It's tough to vote against Madvillain, but I think I'm gonna have to. You've got until November 2nd to vote, so get clickin':

Just a reminder of how good The Knife and Madvillain are:
The Knife - Neverland
Madvillain - Figaro(ST101 Remix -Four Tet)

More The Knife --> website --> buy --> mp3s
More Madvillain --> website --> buy --> mp3s



Okay. It's Friday! It's been a long week. Doesn't everyone deserve to rock out? I mean come on. This week I've walked in the door of my place of employment and found things in shambles. There sitting on the desk, a note reading "fix it". And though there were hours of agonizing, eyeball burning repairs, I actually made it to the end of the week without cursing anyone out. So now is the time I get to rock out. Quit jivin' me turkey! Ya got ta sass it! Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. It's time to look foolish on the car ride home. I'll be that person playing my steering wheel like a snare drum and slapping my knee like a high hat. Here's a couple that just might let your inner rocker out...

Radiohead - My Iron Lung

The Ettes - No More Surprises

Figurines - Ambush

Wolf Parade - It's A Curse


Sometimes new music is very inspiring. Today was a humdrum kind of day. Nothing special. Then a song I never remembered hearing before comes on the old sound box. Medium tempo with subtle melodies and strumming guitars. I admit I'm humming to it. Then just when I thought it was all peace and love in the song, a little edge comes through. Some angst hidden but embraced like a lovers warm deathly kiss(huh?). I LIKE THINGS LIKE THAT. SUPRISES ARE GOOD. So if your in the mood for something melodic, strummy, and angst infused, then Pseudosix is the music for you.

Pseudosix - Under the Waves

More from Pseudosix--> website --> buy


Party like its 1994

I sometimes feel like OJ is my generations JFK. Everyone knows where they were when they saw OJ being chased in that white Bronco. With O.J. back in the news again it's felt like 1994 all over again. So to put myself in the right frame of mind i have been listening to all my favorite albums form that year. Here are just a few: Beastie Boys - Ill Communication, Weezer - Weezer(blue), Nas - Illmatic, Manhattan Transfer - Manhattan Transfer meets Tubby the Tuba. All classics in their own right. So I suggest to everyone to strap up your rollerblades pull your anti skip walkman out of your fanny pack and rock out an album from 1994.

Toofer Toosday #2

Here's more music floating around my vast database of sound.

Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan

Wax Tailor - Positively Inclined feat. Marina Quaisse

The first one is off of Rogue Wave's newly released "Asleep at Heavens Gate". Pretty much everything these guys produce is fantastic, so don't hesitate to pick this one up. They also have a completely change of pace cover of the Pixies' "Debaser" available to stream on their site.

The second is from a french dj Wax Tailor. I picked up a couple albums of his on Emusic. Most is standard trip hop. Not bad, but over time it could fade in my music library. There are some stand outs like Positively Inclined that make getting these albums worthwhile. If you can read french you should check out his myspace page.


Not Just The Same Old

Sometimes you just crave something different. When I use the word different, I mean Daedelus. He is the definition. Known as Daedelus Digitalis Darlington aka Vinegar Valentine, he puts together music that sounds like "hopefully sleepy kittens, more like nervous bunnies." He's a master of putting together forgotten sounds with intricate beats and off-kilter tempos. He's not for everyone, but deserves a good long listen. His albums can take hold and transport you out of this mundane life into a world where colors turn sepia and flowers bloom inside...huh...sorry...just listen

Daedelus - At My Heels from Denies The Day
Daedelus - Impending Doom from Exquisite Corpse

Daedelus on myspace
Daedelus - Sundown

Sometimes you just crave something different. When I use the word different, I mean Copy. He is the definition. Known also as Marius Libman, Copy describes his music like "A Computer and a Man hanging out and, you know, 'Getting to Know Each Other'." I guess I can't say it much better than that but I'll try. His music comes across as video games with a dance beat. The 8-bit sound just oozes out of it. Some may say it's too simplistic for them, but if you take a minute to enjoy it you will realize that there's more there then you thought you heard. He layers simple synth together to create fantastic and complex pop melodies. They flow so easy that the first thing that comes to you is simplicity. That's the beauty in it I guess. Did I mention that I like the beats. I do.

Copy - Backward from Mobius Beard
Copy - Could You Like Her from Hair Guitar

Copy on myspace


Muse wins Vodafone tour of the year

Muse quite deservedly won the 2007 Vodafone "Tour of the Year" award. I don't know how you quantify something like that, but its a great excuse to show some live Muse video.

Here Knights of Cydonia from Philadelphia on August 10, 2007.

I was about half way between the camera and the girl on someones shoulders.

The full set is available here.

BTW, thats not an encore. That's how they STARTED the Show. Good grief.


Jimmy Eat World on tour

Jimmy Eat World announced today an east coast leg of their fall tour, starting Octobar 26th in Hot-lanta, and swinging into the lovely 9:30 club on October 30th.

Ticketmaster public sales start Thursday or Friday, depending on the show. Go buy tickets. They are awesome live, and love playing the 9:30 club (they recorded their last DVD at a back to back nights show a few years back).

In other JEW news, we can look forward to their next album on October 16th, entitled Chase The Light. The complete track list is below.

1. Big Casino
2. Let It Happen
3. Always Be
4. Carry You
5. Electable (Give It Up)
6. Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues
7. Feeling Lucky
8. Here It Goes
9. Chase This Light
10. Firefight
11. Dizzy


Toofer Toosday

Here's a couple that are circulating th'old pod.
Vampire Weekend - A-Punk
Caribou - Melody Day

Caribou- website / buy / more mp3s
Vampire Weekend - website / buy / more mp3s


The Song Remains The Same

Are you ever listening to a song and say,"Hey that really sounds like this other song. I wonder if they realized this when it was being written."
That happened to me yesterday. There I was driving and Cat Stevens' "Father and Son" came on. It struck me then that his singing melody sounded eeriely similar to The Flaming Lips' "Fight Test" song. Later I did a 'lil Google search and come to find out The Flaming Lips got sued over it. Apparently Wayne realized the similarity when he was writing it, but didn't think to do anything about it. That was a bad idea for him. If he had just said something to the record company it could have been taken care of nice and legally. Oh well, a coupla tours should pay that fine off.

Cat Stevens - Father and Son buy

The Flaming Lips - Fight Test buy


Well That Sucks

The White Stripes have canceled the rest of their current tour, including all dates in the US and UK. Pollstar reports the cancellation due to, "Meg White is suffering from acute anxiety and is unable to travel at this time."

That sucks for anybody looking forward to their tour. The Stripes rock hard, often playing medleys with parts of different songs mashed together.

Music gets reviewed

Maybe this whole music thing is just average nowadays.

The Enigma That Is Clutchy Hopkins

Who is Clutchy Hopkins? Only one thing is known for sure. He's a musician...of some sort. Some hints are dropped on his myspace page...but they're a little strange:
"When Clutchy was just 20 years old he traveled to the Far East and was under the tutelage of Rinzai Zen monks in Japan for many years investigating silence and the rhythms of silence in music. Later, he studied Raja Yoga in India to master and articulate the movements of the body and its relation to sound."
He's worked with MF DOOM and Dudley Perkins(that's where I came to find an interest in him) and even Walt Disney:

Apparently he's signed with Ubiquity Records and might have a release at some point.

Clutchy Hopkins - Air (feat. MF DOOM)

Clutchy on Myspace
Clutchy Hopkins' Official Site


The Simpsons Game Video

Well...I admit it...I am a "crazed" Simpsons fan. And...I also admit...I play video games...some may say an "unhealthy" dose of them. So while scouring the "net" for "relevant" "information", I came across "the" trailer for the new Simpsons "VIDEO GAME". Vice City meets Springfield? "I" think so. Sorry no music in this post, but the Simpsons are "just" as good. (quotations make things seem important)


Reunion's are weird

This year in music has seen a plethora of bands long dead rise from the ashes and strap on their.....guitar straps again. Most notably are The Police and Rage Against The Machine.

The Police announcing tour dates earlier this year, including stops at the Bonnaroo music festival and the Virgin music festival shocked the music world. The band broke up around 1985 and there were reports of quite a feud between Sting and his former band mates.

I was at Bonnaroo this year (again) and witnessed a chunk of their set, which brought on yawns rather then head bobbing. They just didn't seem relevant to the scene, and I don't think they know what the festival scene is about anymore (at one point saying, "How are you Tennessee?" Everybody knows that Bonnaroo is its' own world).

Verdict: Break-up again please

Zack de la Roca put his guerrilla war on hold to return to the stage with RATM, starting with Coachella this spring. This tour is a chance for veterans and first timers to witness one of the best live bands of the last twenty years (perhaps ever, but thats another post). I'm making the trek the the big easy this fall for their performnace at Voodoo, and I let you know whats what. as I saw RATM several times, including their epic show at Woodstock '99. Rolling Stones review of Coachella below.

Rolling Stones review

RATM - Know Your Enemy - Live

Verdict: Guerrilla radio! Turn that shit up!

Lesser known but also amazing was the news announced in July the Knoxville based Superdrag would reunite for a six city tour beginning in October. Superdrag hasn't played a live show since 2003, but will be at the 9:30 club (my second home) on November 8th. I'll be there too, with a slightly skeptical hat on.

Head Trip in Every Key
released in 1998 and In the Valley of Dying Stars of 2000 were excellent albums, but the 2002 release of Last Call for Vitriol lacked much substance. I think at that time, the only substance in Superdrag, or at least John Davies, was alcohol.

A nice touch for the reunion tour is an online poll of what tracks fans want to hear. The top three vote getters will be in the setlist. I've flip flopped, but now I'm pulling for I'm Expanding My Mind, which is running in fourth currently. Go Vote!!!!

Superdrag - Senorita

Verdict: Pending

Enon and on and on

There are days when you listen to music. Then there are days you listen to Enon. Enon is a band with members hailing from New York and Philly, but that has no impact onto what they are. They are a band that is unafraid of sound. They rock...they groove...they drive rubber cars...they're just good. They're number one on my list of bands for the sake of having a list of bands. And low and behold they have a new album entitled "Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds" coming out October 9th on Touch and Go Records. TandG have a song to listen to on their site...but I also have it here!

Enon - Mirror On You

Enon - Natural Disasters (from High Society)

Enon on Myspace
Touch and Go Records
Enon on Emusic
More Enon Mp3s


I can't stand lists. I love looking at them but I hate them. They try to take away eveything I love about music which freedom of choice. There is never going to be a definitive all time album list, which is a good thing because a list is just one persons opinion ( or a panel of experts). How do you determine if one album is truly greater than another. I have a hard enough time picking my favorite Radiohead album let alone every album by every band ever. My main gripe is with Sgt. Pepper, most of the all-time lists have that as #1 but to me its not even the best by the Beatles. My problem most people will say is that I don't have historical perspective. When I was born The Beatles had already relaesed everything they had accomplished, I wasn't there to hear it first. All I can say is that I know what I like and thats why I don't like lists, someone else is trying to tell you whats good. Like snowflakes no two people like the exact same kind of music. Even if you like similar artists, it may not even be for the same reasons. I used to judge people by the music they liked but who am I to say my music is better than yours. I like when someone recomends an album but whats gets me is when someone says ' you gotta get this album, you will love it.' That gives it the pump-up factor so that no matter what it probably won't be as good as I now think it will be thanks to you saying I will love it. Thats what lists do, they try to tell you whats the best and if you don't like it than you obviously don't know anything about music. All I'm really trying to say is celebrate diversity in music, know what you like and enjoy it for those reasons not because someone or some list told you you should.

p.s. for my top 25 albums of 2006 and my top 25 radiohead songs visit my myspace page. these lists are completely accurate so if you don't agree you don't know what you are talking about


Apostle of Hustle was lost but now is found

These guys grew on me. At first they became lost in the deep pit known as my music library. It wasn’t that I didn’t dig the music… I guess something else got in the way of me “really” listening to their album. If you continue reading this blog you will get the notion that I like music with euphoric beats. A good drummer/dj/pot-n-pan-player/sample-guy can make a band for me. A mediocre/bad one can break it. Apostle of Hustle has gorgeous drums. The songs are built around them. The driving melodies and lyrics consumed and transformed me into a better person for hearing it. Okay, okay maybe that’s a bit overly dramatic. Just check ‘em out for yourself.

Apostle of Hustle – “My Sword Hand’s Anger”

Oh by the way they’re also on tour. Go see their wonderfulnessisity!

SEP 30. Fayetteville, AR. Chi Omega Greek Theater.
OCT 02. Columbia, MO. The Blue Note.
OCT 03. Lawrence, KS. Liberty Hall.
OCT 04. Memphis, TN. Rhodes College, Outdoor Amphitheater.
OCT 05. Cincinnati, OH. Bogart's.
OCT 08. Milwaukee, WI. Pabst Theater

OCT 23. Minneapolis, MN. Varsity Theater.
OCT 31. Seattle, WA. Crocodile.
NOV 01. Portland, OR. Doug Fir Lounge.
NOV 02. Eugene, OR. Indigo District.
NOV 03. San Francisco, CA. Mezanine.
NOV 04. Los Angeles, CA. Ex Pix.
NOV 05. San Diego, CA. Casbah.
NOV 06. Phoenix, AZ. Plush.
NOV 07. Salt Lake City, UT. Urban Lounge.
NOV 08. Denver, CO. Bluebird Theater.
NOV 09. Omaha, NB. Waiting Room.
NOV 10. Chicago, IL. Metro.

Apostle of Hustle on Myspace
Apostle of Hustle on Arts and Crafts


The Humble Magnificent

Edan and Insight Live in Las Vegas

There comes a time in every person's life when they are in need of something truly amazing to validate an otherwise mundane life. Edan is that thing. Straight out of Maryland to Boston, Edan has the triple threat arsenal of talent at his side. If your in mood for comical/battlerhyme/word play/experimental lyrics over top of gorgeously layered psychedelic instrumentals, then Edan is the place and the mf-in time. Emcee/DJ/Producer Edan puts it all on the table for everyone and their mother to enjoy. Oh by the way, he's very good. Check 'im out.

Edan - Beauty

Edan on Emusic

Edan on Myspace

Edan's Official Site