Not Just The Same Old

Sometimes you just crave something different. When I use the word different, I mean Daedelus. He is the definition. Known as Daedelus Digitalis Darlington aka Vinegar Valentine, he puts together music that sounds like "hopefully sleepy kittens, more like nervous bunnies." He's a master of putting together forgotten sounds with intricate beats and off-kilter tempos. He's not for everyone, but deserves a good long listen. His albums can take hold and transport you out of this mundane life into a world where colors turn sepia and flowers bloom inside...huh...sorry...just listen

Daedelus - At My Heels from Denies The Day
Daedelus - Impending Doom from Exquisite Corpse

Daedelus on myspace
Daedelus - Sundown

Sometimes you just crave something different. When I use the word different, I mean Copy. He is the definition. Known also as Marius Libman, Copy describes his music like "A Computer and a Man hanging out and, you know, 'Getting to Know Each Other'." I guess I can't say it much better than that but I'll try. His music comes across as video games with a dance beat. The 8-bit sound just oozes out of it. Some may say it's too simplistic for them, but if you take a minute to enjoy it you will realize that there's more there then you thought you heard. He layers simple synth together to create fantastic and complex pop melodies. They flow so easy that the first thing that comes to you is simplicity. That's the beauty in it I guess. Did I mention that I like the beats. I do.

Copy - Backward from Mobius Beard
Copy - Could You Like Her from Hair Guitar

Copy on myspace


jake-paint said...

This Mobius Beard is the shit. Do you have a lot of their albums? I guess I'll need to go buy some, like now!

laurent the laurent said...

I only have Copy's mobius beard and it is the shit. Pretty suprising for straightforward analog synth funk. Music is good.

Hunter said...

Also check out COPY's new album "Hair Cuitar" over at Audio Dregs. He's also got a remix out on a Gold Robot Records release by Meanest Man Contest. (Disclaimer: GRR is my label)

Adi said...

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