The Run Down - Friday November 30, 2007

November's going out with a bang. Well in the Baltimore/DC/Philly area it is. As I said yesterday, if you missed M.I.A. at the 9:30 last night in DC, be sure to check out her set at Sonar tonight in Baltimore. If you're traveling north, why not swing by North Star, where Via Audio, The High Strung, and The Teeth are playing. Finally if you want even more great indie rock then drop down to DC where Ra Ra Riot, These United States, and Jukebox The Ghost will be tearing down the Rock and Roll Hotel. Good Times!

mp3: Ra Ra Riot - Each Year --> website --> buy
mp3: These United States - The Business --> website
mp3: Jukebox The Ghost Good Day (Andrew Maury Remix) --> website --> buy
mp3: M.I.A. - You're Good (Diplo Mix) --> website --> buy
mp3: Via Audio - Modern Day Saint --> website --> buy

Friday (I'm A Remix)

This week took FOREVER. Now that it's coming to an end, let's celebrate with some favorable mixes for you, our gracious readers/listeners.

mp3: Feist - Mushaboom (K-os Mix)
mp3: Peter Bjorn & John - Let's Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)
mp3: Ghostface Killah - Save Me Dear (Cadence Weapon AceRock Remix)

Radiohead announce European tour dates

Radiohead has announced details of their upcoming European tour, which will start in Dublin in June. Not all dates have been released, but the order and locations have. Some tickets are already on sale here. Go buy them. Then travel to Europe, and rock out with the best band in the world.

Details available here.

So long hopes of a return to Bonnaroo. :(((((


Fishboy Makes Me Smile

It's nice to come across a band that genuinely makes you laugh and enjoy life. Fishboy does that and more. Upon first listen, Fishboy reminds me of bands like The Dead Milkmen and old Flaming Lips. Then after a coupla more listens I was completely sucked into the crazy world that is Fishboy. I guess you could call it Fantasy/Comedy/Lo-Fi/Rock/Other/Thing music. Out of the musical mixing pot that is Denton, Texas, Fishboy, aka Eric Michener, and his band of merry musicians(John Clardy, Justin Lloyd, Adam Avramescu) have just set out on a Midwest to West tour promoting their album, Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll. Released on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, Eric says it's "a rock opera about how myself, the band, and the ghost of Buddy Holly attempt to save Texas by going on a tour/crime spree in order to perform all 8,030 of the songs I've written in my sleep since I was in the womb.” I guess that says it all.

mp3: Fishboy - Taqueria Girl --> website --> buy
mp3: Fishboy - Parachute (Using the Ghost of Buddy Holly as a)


If you're looking for a great show tonight, check out M.I.A. with the Cool Kids at the 9:30 club in DC. If you can't make it tonight you can catch her at Sonar in Baltimore tomorrow night.

mp3: M.I.A. - Amazon (Diplo Mix)



Greenland is a three piece indie outfit from Washington, DC who put out a full length LP in July of this year called Call Message. When you listen to their music you get a sense of depth. There's more to what you're hearing. There's power. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit strange, but trust me, they're good. The music side is solid and tight. The lyrics are not contrived and really come across as poetry when I listen to them. Another thing I'm impressed with is the lack of formula to the writing of songs. Most young indie rock bands like to stick to the old verse chorus verse style(which has worked for a while now, so it's not bad), but Greenland seems to compose the structure of the song around the lyrics, striving to produce a desired emotion or statement. This gives each song a honest and fresh feel. If that doesn't get you interested, I don't know what will. Their next show is December 9th at the Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA. Go check 'em out!

mp3: Greenland - We Are Clipper Ships --> website --> myspace
mp3: Greenland - Salome


Toofer Toosday - Bowerbirds & Kelley Stoltz

Sometimes you know a band is good from the first second you hear them. Sometimes it takes a couple listens before their music finally sinks in. When I first heard Bowerbirds and Kelley Stoltz they immediately won me over.

Bowerbirds is a trio hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina. They play an uptempo blend of folk and indie rock. Their sound is large for them having only three players in the band. The songs encompass and swallow you whole leaving you tapping your feet and clapping your hands while in the belly of the beast. This year they released a full length LP entitled Hymns For A Dark Horse on Burly Times Records with some well deserved reviews. If you are looking for music to awe and inspire you, this is it.

mp3: Bowerbirds - In Our Talons --> website --> buy

Kelley Stoltz plays 1960's era experimental pop rock blended with a modern indie lyrical flare. This sound simply appeals to me. From the first lyrics out of his mouth sounding like Paul off of Abbey Road, but with Steppenwolf backing him up, I knew Stoltz had something good going on. In February 2008 he'll release his new album Circular Sounds on Sub Pop Records. He has earned his way onto the list of must haves for next year.

mp3: Kelley Stoltz - Memory Collector --> website --> buy

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Minipop is dreamy

When I heard the first few notes of Like I Do, Minipop's first single off their debut LP A New Hope, I thought to myself,"Uh oh, I don't think I'm gonna like this." By the end of the song I found myself saying, "Hey, this is pretty good." The quartet from San Francisco's formula of creating soothing atmospheric semi-electronica pop music isn't ground breaking, but is definitely ear pleasing. Tricia Kanne's voice is fragile yet powerful(somewhat reminding me of the Sundays), and the music behind it compliments it well. If you're a painter, this would be a great album to paint to. If you're a writer, this would be great music to write to. If you're a doctor, this would be great music to perform surgery to...well maybe that's a stretch.

mp3: Minipop - Precious --> website --> buy
mp3: Minipop - Fingerprints

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Annuals - Frelen Mas : Be He Me B-Sides

If you haven't had the chance to pick up the Annuals debut LP Be He Me, then that's your assignment over this holiday weekend. It should definitely be apart of your collection. Actually while you're at it, go ahead and grab the Frelen Mas EP with it. Sometimes a collection of b-sides doesn't stand par to the original album, but that's not the case with Frelen Mas. I did notice that these songs were the slightest bit toned down compared to the LP though. FM does have the same distinctive multi-layered atmospheric sound that bellows out of Be He Me. The production is straight out of Paul Simon's and Peter Gabriel's notebooks. Lead singer/song writer Adam Baker plays music with such emotion, intelligence, and ferocity, it's hard to believe he's only twenty years old. These guys will be good for a very long time. So go ahead and indulge yourself with booming rhythms, beautiful harmonies, and production that will make you cry(that may be a bit over the top but who cares).

mp3: Annuals - Frelen Mas --> website --> buy
mp3: Annuals - River Run

bonus mp3: Manchester Orchestra - Brother(Annuals Cover)


If you're looking for a great show tonight, head on over to the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC to check out Maritime playing with The One Am Radio.

mp3: Maritime - Aren't We All Found Out --> website --> buy
mp3: Maritime - No One Will Remember you Tonight
mp3: The One Am Radio - Lest I Forget --> website --> buy


The Run Down - Friday November 23, 2007

If you still have some energy and money left over from this grand shopping day, there are some solid shows going on around the area. In DC They Might Be Giants and Oppenheimer take on the 9:30 Club while Prefuse 73, Blank Blue, and School of Seven Bells electrify the Black Cat. In Baltimore you can check out some great indie rock down at the Ottobar with Jason Dove and the Magic Whip, Monarch, and Yukon. Enjoy!

mp3: They Might Be Giants - The Mesopotamians --> website --> buy
mp3: Prefuse 73 - Storm Returns --> website --> buy
mp3: Nobody presents Blank Blue - All The Shallow Deep --> website
mp3: Jason Dove - Girl My Love Is Like Keno --> website --> buy
mp3: Monarch - Regret --> website --> buy

Friday (I'm A Remix)

It was a great day of thanks yesterday. Now Black Friday has officially taken hold. Here's some tunes to fuel you're deal busting inspired frenzy.

mp3: Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)
mp3: Bonde Do Role - Office Boy (CSS Remix)
mp3: Division Day - Ricky (Tandemoro Remix)


Radiohead likely to tour US in May/June 08

Atease reports that Radiohead will likely be kicking off their next tour in May with the US as the first leg.

Ed said that it’s still ‘up in the air’ and that plans might change, but Radiohead will tour in May, June/July, kicking off for a few weeks in America. Ed: “We probably go out in May.”
Great news, boys. Now the speculation on venues can begin. Return to Bonnaroo?? Or Coachella?? Exclusive acoustic gig in my back yard?? Only time will tell.

Its time to stand in The Courtesy Line

Hailing from right here in B-more, The Courtesy Line, have a crisp indie sound with strong vocals. They have an EP called Needle and Thread which they are apparantly giving away at shows while supplies last. If you want to get your hands on one, or just rock out, go see them January 12th at the Lo-Fi Social Club.

Mp3: The Courtesy Line - Goodnight Goodbye --→ website
Mp3: The Courtesy Line - So Long

Vandaveer...you've done it now

Sometimes when I listen to this music I'm transported back in time to the 1930s. There I am in a dark boxcar eating a can of beans in a tattered suit. A man approaches me and says in a deep dark voice, "Marianne, you've done it now." Then I say, "Who are you talking to? My name's not Marianne! Get away from my beans!" Then I wake up and realize the power that is Vandaveer. Mark Charles, the singer song writer behind Vandaveer, plays out of Washington, DC and put out his debut album, Grace and Speed, earlier this year on Gypsy Eyes Records. This album has received much praise, and many have compared him to the likes of Donovan, Dylan, Drake, and Waits. That's pretty high company, but well deserved. Vandaveer combines the lyric quality of Dylan, the voice of Drake, and the back alley drunken feeling of Waits. His next show is on December 14th at the Black Cat in DC with Junior League and Olivia Mancini & the Housemates.

mp3: Vandaveer - Marianne, You've Done It Now --> website --> buy
mp3: Vandaveer - However Many It Takes
mp3: Vandaveer - The Streets Is Full Of Creeps (Live)

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Toofer Toosday - Arthur & Yu + These Elk Forever

If you've been reading this blog, you know I have an affinity for good rock music. So it may come to surprise you that for this edition of the toofer toosday there is no such rockingness(definitely not a word). What you will find out is that Arthur & Yu and These Elk Forever are incredible song writers and deserve to be heard even if they don't possess that rockingness.
Earlier this year Arthur & Yu released In Camera on the Hardly Art label. Last week I was finally able to pick up a copy, and I wasn't disappointed. The Seattle based band comprised of Grant Olsen and Sonya Westcott hooked me from the first to the last song of the album. These are perfect songs for a rainy day. Not so depressing that you can't face that ever daunting world outside, but also not so happy-poppish(also not a word) that no one can stand being around you. It's music that makes you smile, reflect, and sometimes regret. Enjoy the memories and the melodies.

mp3: Arthur & Yu - Come To View (Song For Neil Young) --> website --> buy

As the rainy day turns tonight, a good choice in music would be These Elk Forever. The music is hard to describe, and I think his myspace bio describes it best:
"These Elk Forever" (or "Gregory Glacier" or, honestly, "Gregory Gover") is a one man recording project based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania:
"These Elk Forever" make noises that sound like songs that sound like noises. Often times he writes AND records in the same breath! "Novel?" No. "Exciting?" Perhaps.
That about covers it. Gregory Glacier apparently plays piano, accordian, guitar, melodica, bass guitar, violin, various percussive things, mandolin, funny little bells and chimes, xylophone, voice, recording, tape loops, toys, organ, marimba, field recordings, and many more things of noise making-ness on his recordings. That list alone should get you interested. If you enjoy it enough be sure to check him out at The Party Pit in DC on December 8th with Bellman Barker and 5acrosstheeyes2k.

mp3: These Elk Forever - Pink Lights --> website

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My my my Videos for Sunday

I recently started listening to the Go! Teams newest release, Proof Of Youth. I don't know why it took me so long to come around to this album, but their non stop energy always makes for an enjoyable listen...and view:

The Go! Team - The Wrath Of Marcie VIDEO

mp3: The Go! Team - The Wrath Of Marcie --> website -->buy

And for an added bonus here are two videos of songs featured on the Gorillaz's D-Sides album coming out tomorrow.

Gorillaz - Hong Kong (Warchild Version) VIDEO

Gorillaz - Rock It VIDEO

mp3: Gorillaz - Latin Simone (Original Version) --> website --> buy


Bellman Barker @ The Ottobar Happy Party

Aaron from Bellman Barker
Thomas from Bellman Barker

There's something telling about hearing stripped down acoustic/Wurlitzer versions of well written pop songs. You get to hear the soul of the song. That's what I heard last night at the Ottobar's weekly Happy Party. Aaron and Thomas of Bellman Barker commanded the floor(no stage) with their set. The tension was high, but they blazed through two mini sets of songs that impressed me mightily. The thought occured to me while I was listening,"If these guys are sounding this good with just two out of the five members in the band, the full BB must simply be dynamite." I'm going to find that out on December 8th at the Party Pit in DC. You should too.

mp3: Bellman Barker - I Do I Do --> website --> buy

Grogan of Grogan Social Scene

On the flip side of BB's sets, the one man, Grogan Social Scene delighted the audience with deep monotone vocals, honest lyrics, driving acoustic guitars, and occasional Wurlitzer play. I didn't quite expect the sounds I was hearing since the majority of his work on his myspace was experimental-electro-folk-ish. I must say I enjoyed it and GSS was a good compliment to Bellman Barker. So Chris(the bartender of the Ottobar) has this Happy Party thing happening every Friday at around 6pm. It's free local music and definitely worth checking out.

Vast is vastly impressive

I've really been diggin these guys since I picked up their new release, entitled April. Vast offers complex, beautiful songs driven by strong melodies and powerful vocals provided by front man Jon Crosby. April, released in October on Crosby's own label, 2blossoms Records and Media is extremely well produced and sucks you in on the first listen. Vast will be setting out on a US tour on November 30th, with a stop in Baltimore on February 16th at the 8x10. Should be a good time.

Tix available here.

Full tour details available on their Myspace.

Mp3: Vast - Dedicate
Mp3: Vast - Tattoo of Your Name ------- website-----buy

You can also buy the digital version of their new album, or older stuff here

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Muse to play L.A. December 9th

Muse will be headlining night two of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas along with Jimmy Eat World, Feist, Modest Mouse and Spoon. Wow. What a lineup. This does bode well though for the message board rumors that they might play Madison Square Garden on New Years Eve.

Mp3: Muse - New Born -------- Website

Friday (I'm A Remix)

This week was filled with sickness, health, aches, pains, pleasures, happiness, sadness, cool things, things that were hot, things that were very hot, laziness, alertness, mojo, good music, unlistenable music, rain, cold, warmth?(Al Gore was right), love, and now of course some remixes. Enjoy your weekend and take it easy if you can...

mp3: RJD2 - Sweet Piece (Cadence Weapon's Ladykiller Remix)
mp3: The Go! Team - Grip Like A Vice (Black Affair Remix)
mp3: The Beastie Boys - Oh Word? (Leo Nevilo Remix)

The Run Down - Friday November 16, 2007

It's a pretty fantastic Friday for shows in the area. If you're up for some mellow music, Arthur & Yu hit up Sonar in Baltimore along with Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. For all of your creative pop urges, be sure to check out Aqueduct at the Black Cat in DC who have Georgie James opening the stage for them. If you want to make a little trip, then trek on out to Haverford College in PA for Vampire Weekend. Believe me it will be worth it. Finally you'll catch me at the Ottobar where Bellman Barker is playing a stripped down happy hour set(around 6pm). Gooooo Music!

mp3: Arthur & Yu - Come To View (Song For Neil Young) --> website --> buy
mp3: Aqueduct - Growing Up With GNR --> website --> buy
mp3: Vampire Weekend - Ladies Of Cambridge --> website --> buy
mp3: Bellman Barker - Molly Maroon --> website --> buy
bonus mp3: Bellman Barker - Charles Kil


New Young Pony Club

I maybe a little late to join the band wagon with this five piece from the UK, but I'm just happy I've discovered them. After releasing Fantastic Playroom in August here in the US, NYPC has really got the hype and it's well deserved. On first listen they kind of reminded me of a jumpier version of The Blow(which isn't a bad thing), but on further listens I realized NYPC really has developed quite a unique sound for themselves. Blending modern club sounds with indie electronica then throwing in a dash of early eighties Blondie-esque rap styles, New Young Pony Club has made their way into my rotation and doesn't look to be headed out of there any time soon.

mp3: New Young Pony Club - Hiding On The Staircase --> website --> buy

The Run Down - Thursday, November 15, 2007

If you want to see one of the best...ever, then trot yourself down to DAR Constitution Hall tonight and witness the legend that is Neil Young. Sometimes I forget how good he really is, so I throw on my beaten up copy of Harvest and listen in awe. If you're not into the whole classic rock seen, that's okay too. You might enjoy seeing Enon play their crazy diversified indie experimental rock at the R&R Hotel in DC along with Love of Diagrams and Sleeping People.

mp3: Neil Young - Needle And The Damage Done --> website --> buy
mp3: Enon - In This City --> website --> buy

Far lesser artists claim Radiohead "arrogant"

I'm requesting an opening tirade for this post.

I couldn't help but write about this ridiculousness. As I first saw on ateaseweb, several artists are now mouthing off about how they dislike what Radiohead did with their unconventional release of In Rainbows. Lily Allen apparantly feels that it sends a bad message to smaller bands about the value of music, and that it's "arrogant." Liam Gallaher of Oasis stated that "over his dead body" would an Oasis album be released for free.

What. The. Fuck. This all feels like a huge case of playa-hatin. I'm sure they'd all be happy if Radiohead were more like Metallica, prosecuting people for, .....wait for it...... LISTENING TO THEIR MUSIC. What a GD travesty. I'm all for smaller bands wanting to make a comfortable living off their music. In fact, I'm probably the first one to try and support artists. In case you didn't know, artists make the most money for themselves on touring and merchandise. Record companies make the most from traditional CD sales. Why do you think its the record companies who are usually going after college students for pirating music? People who really like music, or a particular band should go see them live. Buy a T-shirt. Buy a poster. Whatever. But don't fool yourself and think that picking up a CD at Tower Records really supports that band.

Personally, I would think it would be somewhat liberating for artists to see their peers break free of the industry structure that makes it so hard for bands to survive. Inventive marketing and sales of albums directly to consumers is the future of music. Traditional sales just encourages pirating, so no one's paying for it anyway. OMG people, get with it.

I know it's a lot easier for a well established band like Radiohead to take a risk like this, but what they've done is going to benefit artists for years to come.

And I don't know about you, but there is no way I'd even listen to an Oasis CD, unless it was free. Or cheaper than that. Come on Oasis, stop being bitter because you're not that good.

mp3: Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place - - - website


Red Headed Temper

I have red hair. I sometimes have a temper. So it was almost etched in stone that I would like a band called Red Headed Temper. Together for less than year, this foursome from Baltimore rocks like they were born to do it. If you enjoy no nonsense power pop rock with driving guitars and gorgeous lead vocals, then what are you waiting for? Go see them! You'll get a chance on December 6th when they'll be playing the Ottobar with The Blackjacks. Until then, listen to these:

mp3: Red Headed Temper - The Smell Of Fear --> website
mp3: Red Headed Temper - Cry Du Chat


Toofer Toosday - Hammer No More Fingers and Pete & The Pirates

I seem to be running across great straight up rock and roll recently. No fancy production. No gospel choirs in the background. Just ROCK. Hammer No More Fingers is a three piece outfit from Durham, NC who play crunchy power pop rock that gets your head nodding instantly. They have an S/T album out on Power Team Records for only 8 bucks. It's not often you get quality rock for 8 bucks, so go get it!

mp3: Hammer No More Fingers - O.R.G.Y. --> website --> buy

Pete & The Pirates play less crunchy and more poppy rock than HNMF. The also pass the Laurent test of greatness. If I am singing along with the song by the end of it(on first listen), then, yes, you are great. A five man group from the UK, Pete & The Pirates, give me the feeling that their going to be playing their brand of pop indie rock for a long time.

mp3: Pete & The Pirates - Knots --> website --> buy


Andrew Bird on BBC Radio

You know who I like? Andrew Bird. He writes diverse, well crafted, folk-pop-indie songs that never seem to bore me after repeated listens. For a limited time you can catch some of his music on these BBC shows:

Marc Riley show on BBC Radio 6 (Weds 7th Nov)

Steve Lamacq presenting Bob Harris' show on BBC Radio 2 (Sat 10 Nov)

If you can't get to these in time, here's a 'lil something:

mp3: Andrew Bird - The Naming Of Things --> website --> buy
mp3: Andrew Bird - I (Joe Beats Remix)

Random Randomness For A Random World

How long can I live with the dark when that was me who called the dandy


Thao With The Get Down Stay Down

Folk music is somewhat of an enigma to me. Sometimes I love it. I'm a big Dylan fan, and I'm enamored by Joan Baez. Sometimes I get sick of it. I don't know. There's a lot being played on the local radio station and it really drives me nuts when I just want to hear a good rock song. What it really boils down to I guess is the writing and production of these songs. Thao Nguyen and her band The Get Down Stay Down succeed in both of these areas repeatedly. Thao has natural beauty radiating from her music, making her solo stuff a breath of fresh air in the every growing Folk music scene. Pairing her music with the Get Down Stay Down's fluid beats guitars and brass is quite extraordinary, and has me looking forward to their next release coming on January 29, 2008. Being released on Kill Rock Stars, We Brave Bee Stings is being marked on my calendar as I write this. You should too.

mp3: Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Beat (Health, Life, and Fire) --> website --> buy


All Smiles

Dangerbird Records is starting to be the powerhouse for good indie music these days. With bands like Sea Wolf, Eulogies, and Dappled Cities, you can't go wrong. Another artist on their label that I've been listening to as of late is All Smiles. All Smiles is the solo venture of former Grandaddy guitarist Jim Fairchild. I was a big fan of Grandaddy, but who would of guessed that there was a songwriter like Jim Fairchild blissfully strumming his guitar in the background. He really puts his emotion into All Smiles and hos first release Ten Readings Of A Warning. Team that up with dynamite production and it's win win for Jim. Showing his talent not just on singing and playing guitar, but also playing everything besides drums on the album. In drums he gets some phenomenal help from Janet Weiss (Sleater Kinney, Quasi), Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, Black Heart Procession, Magic Magicians), Danny Seim (Lack Thereof, Menomena), and Solon Bixler (Great Northern). He plays the Earl in Atlanta tonight then Nashville, Newport, and Kentucky. If you can, go support him.

mp3: All Smiles - Moth In A Cloud Of Smoke --> website --> buy
mp3: All Smiles - The Velvetest Balloon


Superdrag - Live @ 9:30

Where to begin. This was the last date on Superdrag's reunion tour, and it happened to be at the 9:30 club. How lucky. I'll keep this show review somewhat brief, and say that this was a pretty amazing show. The crowd was mostly older (meaning 30ish plus) and consisted of some pretty pumped up people. Superdrag has always had a great following in the Baltimore/DC area, so this was a natural spot to end the tour.

Overall impression of the show was how different the members have become, but how much they have stayed the same. John Davis is clearly a changed person, quite humble and honestly thankful for the chance to play live shows again. John bowed to the crowd after nearly every song and repeatedly thanked the crowd that showed up (important note: This show was moved to a 10:00pm doors on a Thursday, and that certainly limited the crowd). Other band members retained what made them awesome; Tom Pappas showed amazing energy and skill. Don Coffey continues to be a bad ass drummer. I guess the most important part was how passionate John was as a singer and frontman. His vocals were powerful and mostly sung with his eyes closed. It was obvious that he was pouring his heart and soul into the show.

On to song selection. Heres where I gush a bit. WOW. WOW. WOW. Seriously, Senorita into 6/8 into N.A. Kicker into Liquor. This show was totally built for the old heads. I felt truly privileged to see this show. It lacked some of the surprise of other shows, as it was so chronological, but that's like complaining about finding too many diamonds in a row. They played damn near everything from Regretfully Yous and 8 Track Sounds. What more could you want (except Load which I would have freaked out over). And then went into Head Trip and Valley. And then broke out Sucked Out and Cynicality.

Oh yeah, then Bloody Hell in the encore. I call that "Ape shit crazy."

Other aspects that were crazy include that the band not only signed autograph's before the show, but announced they would be signing in the club after the show. And that they did. I got this amazing poster signed by all, and went home a happy camper.

So, I didn't keep the review that brief. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

Oh yeah, Mic Harrison came out and played with the band for the last two songs......and it was good.


Whitey's Theme
Slot Machine
N.A. Kicker
Nothing Good is Real
Tell Me I'm Not Free
I'm Expanding My Mind
Sold You an Alibi
Do the Vampire
Pine Away
Keep it Close to Me
True Believer
Sucked Out
Bloody Hell
Destination Ursa Major

Superdrag ------- Keep It Close To Me.mp3

Why Nada Surf Is Great

Written today on their myspace blog:

hello friends,

we hope this note finds you very well. as you may have noticed, a new nada surf record is coming out in february. it's called lucky, and we're very happy with how it turned out. in typical last-minute style, we put the finishing touches on it literally the day before mastering and just three days before we got in the van to start our most recent tour (thank you to everyone who came out—from philly to chicago to charlottesville, we had a great time, met quality people, and hopefully made some new fans). we got back to brooklyn a few days ago but i'm actually typing this in the dominican republic, on day one (of four) of my first legitimate, not day-off-from-tour-full-of-guilt-if-i'm-not-in-my-hotel-room-working-on-a-song vacation in 14 years! i didn't bring a guitar, a tape recorder or even a notebook. i actually had to borrow a pen to fill out my landing card!

the reason i'm writing is that we're putting together the album art and part of it revolves around the title. we've tended to have titles in the past that embraced the up-and-down nature of life, particularly because, like most people, those are the sorts of lives that we've been living. but remembering to be purely grateful has been taking on more and more importance of late, paticularly after the last few years in which we've all experienced some real challenges in our personal lives. we are lucky to be alive, to do something we love, to have people around us that we adore, to still have hope in ever-increasingly distressing times, to be members of a species that can live long, to have music and books and movies and experiences that enrich our lives and that give us endless new angles on how to best navigate easy and trying days. having any positivity at all feels more and more like something to embrace and to celebrate.

If you would be kind enough to share with us what you feel grateful for, what you think about when you take stock of your life, we could include it in some of the text that will be part of the album art. if you want to take the time, please email us whatever you like , whatever comes to mind with regards to the word lucky, that is so general and yet so specific to each of us in a different way. the address is:

l u c k y @ n a d a s u r f . c o m (without any spaces)

we'll read all your messages and will excerpt some of them to use in the album's booklet. we'll only be able to use a small percentage of what comes in, but we'd love to get as much as possible. if there are enough submissions, we might post them all in a page on our website sometime (leaving out any personal information about you of course). i'm writing this in english, but if you speak another language, then feel free to write in that language too. we just want to get some real thoughts from the people that make everything that we do possible.

thank you so much for contributing and helping us with this project. we're lucky to know you.

all the best,
matthew (and daniel and ira)

More on Shadow and Chemist

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist will be presenting The Hard Sell on January 25th at the Filmore in Philly. More info and tickets here.

The Sea And The Gulls

It's a rainy, cold, and kinda dreary afternoon here in Baltimore. I'm sitting here on my lunch break perusing through the vast internet. I'm a fan of the Harlem Shakes. They're great. In turn I'm also a fan of Arms, the side project of the Harlem Shakes guitarist, Todd Goldstein. Hopefully there will be a new Arms album out soon. Now in my 'surfing' I come to find Todd has a side side project with a lovely woman named Leah. It's called The Sea And The Gulls, and they're perfect music for this grey afternoon at work. They have an album in the works, but you can listen here and listen to a bunch more on their site.

mp3: The Sea And The Gulls - bees --> website
mp3: The Sea And The Gulls - 1000 hot air balloons --> myspace

wow...this is our 100th post!

The Hard Sell

From the creative minds behind ' Brainfreeze' and 'Product Placement', DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist announced they will be releasing their newest collaboration "The Hard Sell' soon. No date was given but anyone who is firmiliar with their previous efforts should be geeked. I'll admit Shadows last album was a step back from what we were used to from him but I've heard some clips of the Hard Sell and its back to form for these two masters of the 1s and 2s. You can check out eithers myspace page to hear some snippets and await a release date. 'The Hard Sell' was performed only a handful of times last year in the U.S. and Japan so those of us who were not lucky enough to live in the Bay area or Tokyo will be able to hear this. It's not a hard sell for me, I'm going to get this as soon as it's available and I urge everyone to do the same.

Get Live! Balto-DC-Philly Run Down on Some Friday Shows

First and foremost if anyone wants to see one of the premier hip hop artist really break new ground tonight, go see Cadence Weapon at the First Unitarian Church in Philly with Final Fantasy. If you're not down with that you could also check out White Rabbits at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC with Tally Hall. Finally in good ole B-more there's a great show at the Talking Head featuring an indie act from Portland, Oregon, Fall Of Snow. Stephany Casey is Fall of Snow featuring herself along with a guitar, lots of effects, and tape loops. The show also has Jason Dove and the Magic Whip, Rails To Russia, and The Heavycoats. Should be a great show. Have a good one!

mp3: Cadence Weapon - Sharks --> website --> buy
mp3: White Rabbits - Kid On My Shoulders --> website --> buy
mp3: Tally Hall - The Whole World And You --> website --> buy
mp3: Fall of Snow - It's Not Right --> website --> buy

Day Fri (Mixed up mix)

It's been a long week to say the least. Yesterday while driving home the little 'Check Engine' light came on. GRRRRR... I guess that about says it all. Luckily today is Friday and it's basically the weekend(sorry again to you weekend workers). Time to kick back and listen to some great music, paint, socialize, do jumping jacks, enter a hot dog eating contest, learn how to fly, and do my laundry. Time to mix it up a bit.

mp3: Rick Ross vs Simian Mobile Disco - Hustlin' Hustler (Cadence Weapon Hi-Speed Edit)
mp3: The American Analog Set - The Postman (Styrofoams Just Like The Nineties Never Happened Mix)
mp3: Persephone's Bees - Nice Day (Broken Spindles Remix)


more radiohead news

In addition to the webcast tommorow, XL recordings announced they will be releasing the CD/ vinyl version of In Rainbows on Dec. 31st. XL will be releasing the album to everyone not in the U.S. while the finalizing of the deal to release it here still goes on. Happy New Year Radiohead fans!!! This is not the same as the discbox which was offered at the same time as the download. It is unclear if the CD XL is releasing will contain both CDs offered with the discbox though.

EDIT : i just read on radiohead.com the webcast will start any minute. unless my timezone factoring is off.
Edit Edit: they just announced that they are having technical difficulties. i guess its wait and see on the webcast.

Show Me On Thursday

Nothing to do on a Thursday night? Well there's a multitude of live acts around DC and Philly tonight. In DC, Sia plays the early show at the 9:30 Club while Superdrag plays the late show. One of my faves, Scissors For Lefty is on at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC. Finally in Philly, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone bring their electro pop to Johnny Brenda's. Go Music!

mp3: Sia - Breathe (Four Tet Remix) --> buy
mp3: Superdrag - Keep It Close To Me --best when played very loud. Do it! --> buy
mp3: Scissors For Lefty - Softly The Sea Swallows The Sun --> buy
mp3: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - When You Were Mine --> buy