Red Headed Temper

I have red hair. I sometimes have a temper. So it was almost etched in stone that I would like a band called Red Headed Temper. Together for less than year, this foursome from Baltimore rocks like they were born to do it. If you enjoy no nonsense power pop rock with driving guitars and gorgeous lead vocals, then what are you waiting for? Go see them! You'll get a chance on December 6th when they'll be playing the Ottobar with The Blackjacks. Until then, listen to these:

mp3: Red Headed Temper - The Smell Of Fear --> website
mp3: Red Headed Temper - Cry Du Chat


Anonymous said...

actually this band has been together for many many years, but under the moniker blonde hair blue eyes

Anonymous said...

the core trio was known for years as Val Yumm, then Ed (guitar player from Lake Trout with long hair) joined them as a side project.
from what I understand, the new name Red Headed Temper came about a year ago when Lake Trout went into a "kind-of" hiatus....

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