Toofer Toosday - Hammer No More Fingers and Pete & The Pirates

I seem to be running across great straight up rock and roll recently. No fancy production. No gospel choirs in the background. Just ROCK. Hammer No More Fingers is a three piece outfit from Durham, NC who play crunchy power pop rock that gets your head nodding instantly. They have an S/T album out on Power Team Records for only 8 bucks. It's not often you get quality rock for 8 bucks, so go get it!

mp3: Hammer No More Fingers - O.R.G.Y. --> website --> buy

Pete & The Pirates play less crunchy and more poppy rock than HNMF. The also pass the Laurent test of greatness. If I am singing along with the song by the end of it(on first listen), then, yes, you are great. A five man group from the UK, Pete & The Pirates, give me the feeling that their going to be playing their brand of pop indie rock for a long time.

mp3: Pete & The Pirates - Knots --> website --> buy

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