In (brief) Review - Among Wolves @ 8x10 - January 30

Our Pastappreciation (yeah, I made that up) for Among Wolves has been well documented HERE and HERE, so I'm just gonna give you some quick hits from their 8x10 show last night:

~ Billy Tiedeken is a trooper. He has been fighting laryngitis for two weeks, but still tried his best to make it through the set. Sadly, he lost the battle with his throat.

~ These guys clearly love playing together. They constantly joke and laugh. It's refreshing to see a band that really likes playing shows.

~ Among Wolves pulls off the mid-set band member switcheroo (that's a technical term) better then any band I've ever seen. Jason Butcher sings like his life depends on it.

~ I like doing quick hits. Take your "paragraph structure" and shove it! I didn't like you anyway!

Mp3: Among Wolves - Baltimore ---- Website ---- Buy

The Run Down - Thursday January 31, 2008

The last day of January has some quality shows for you. Here in Baltimore the Ottobar is hosting Judd & Maggie's CD release party with performances by Steve Hefter and Friends of Friends, Carousel Rogues, and Harrison Hudson. In Philly you can catch Lupe Fiasco at the Fillmore or head on over to the Khyber to see C Rayz Walz, Reef The Lost Cauze, Viro the Virus, and more. In VA, Thao with The Get Down Stay Down is having their CD release at IOTA with David Shultz and the Skyline. In DC the Red and the Black has Ilad, with Square Trio and Sun Committee. Finally at DC9 be sure to catch Zulu Pearls. Many of you were probably expecting to see Robbers On High Street, but a band member had to be taken to the hospital. Hopefully everything is okay. Zulu Pearls is still a fantastic band, so keep your plans intact for DC9 (it's only $5).

mp3: Judd & Maggie - Sleep Interrupted --> website --> buy
mp3: Lupe Fiasco - Little Weapon --> website --> buy
mp3: C Rayz Walz - Electric Avenue --> website --> buy
mp3: Thao with The Get Down Stay Down - Feet Asleep --> website --> buy
mp3: Ilad - National Flags --> website --> buy
mp3: Zulu Pearls - Dancing + Drinking --> website --> buy

Respect Avec

I must say when I first listened to Avec's latest release Lines (Civil Defense League), I was without words. I'd never heard anything quite like it. Avec blends crisp guitar riffs with tight drums and thick bass that borders on early Metallica, but stays closer to indie rock enough to keep me interested. The vocals of Shawna Potter and Brooks Harlan build off each other to create blissful pop melodies yet still retaining angst and harshness to complement the style of music behind them. Right now you're probably saying, "Wait a minute Pasta. Are you telling me this band from Baltimore sounds like Master of Puppets crossed with Mates of State?" Well...sort of...yes. More importantly though, they rock. They rock hard. Not in the bad Baltimore hardcore way either. You can tell how talented the group is technically throughout Lines, but you can also hear their grand sense of harmony and melody. This band is a Baltimore band that should turn heads and then make them nod up and down as if saying, "Yes, yes, yes, THIS ROCKS!" Then shaking them from left to right as if saying, "No, no, no, DON'T STOP A ROCKIN'!" You can catch Avec live this Friday at the Lo-Fi in Baltimore.

mp3: Avec - Dysplasia --> website --> buy
mp3: Avec - Bozarth


Middle Distance Runner @ Jammin Java 1/28/08

Monday was Pasta Primavera's first visit to Vienna, VA's Jammin Java. Located in a strip mall in between an Outback and a supermarket, Jammin Java doesn't look like your typical indie rock venue. I guess that's what makes this place so good. They had a superb sound system, a cafe, a bar, and most importantly Middle Distance Runner playing. Opening up for MDR was Ungdomskulen. I'm not sure what Norwegian punk rock sounds like, but if it sounds like Ungdomskulen, then I love Norwegian punk rock. Clearly stating they came to rock, Ungdomskulen blazed through an energy filled set complete with the soon to be Norwegian national anthem, Spartacus.
But the reason I was there was Middle Distance Runner. Having seen them late last year, I was in dire need for more more MORE! In my previous post found here you can hear me rant on about how Erik Dean is the greatest drummer in the world. Well that's a fact, still. I came away with something different from this show. Stephen Kilroy (Vonnegut fans eat your heart out!) sings with determination and emotion, but more evident from this performance was the injection of soul he has flowing through him. Channeling Otis Redding, Stephen belts out vocals that make you smile for no good reason one second, and then tear up the next. This is a band that must be seen and heard and then seen again. Speaking with the band members, many of them feared sounding rusty, but there was no rust. All I saw and heard was bright, shiny, and flat out rockin' indie music. They're off of touring for a while to start recording new material (yes!), but look out for them to play a couple of shows in the area.

mp3: Middle Distance Runner - Monochrome Boys --> website --> buy
mp3: Middle Distance Runner - Top Of The Stairs
mp3: Ungdomskulen - Ordinary Son --> website
mp3: Ungdomskulen - Modern Drummer

Middle Distance RunnerUngdomskulenMore photos here.

The Run Down - Wednesday January 30, 2008

While I may be a bit out of sorts today, that doesn't stop the good shows going on tonight. The 9:30 club has everyone's favorite MC, Lupe Fiasco lyrically tear the roof down. There's a solid show at the Black Cat with DC's Greenland, Len Bias (the band, not the deceased b-baller), and More Humans. Finally here in Baltimore, everyone should go check out Among Wolves, Sissy Jupe, and The Herd Of Main St. at the 8x10. Among Wolves is amazing live so don't miss it.

The Red Vines can’t fool me

The Red Vines full length release, Everyday Needles for Electromagnetic Lovers, may say 2008 on its back cover, but I just can’t believe it. Here’s what I think happened: The Red Vines formed a band, but found themselves without inspiration. So what would any good band without proper muses do? Of course, go back in time! The Red Vines went back to the 1960’s and hung out for a while, finding inspiration from the prospering musical tapestry of the time. Their song structure is both classic and innovative. The production sounds very old school, pulling back solid guitars and drums to showcase the vocals of Ryan Finnerin and focus on harmonies to create an album with contemporary appeal.

Mark your calendar's for February 15, when they will be having their formal CD release party at the Golden West cafe in Hampden with
Caleb Stine and Small Sur.

Mp3: The Red Vines - The Nameless
Mp3: The Red Vines - 10,000 Watts ---- Website ---- Buy

Accidental Post

Up to this point in my life, I've never had a brush with death. There I was yesterday watching an out of control SUV barreling down on me and my measly Toyota. My life flashed before my eyes as two seconds felt like an eternity. When all was over, nobody was seriously hurt. Lucky. Thankful. It's moments like these that makes you take a step back. It made me think of my family and how much they really mean to me. They bring joy to me everyday, and for this I am thankful. So what do I come away with? A new found respect for the suddenness of life. Take in each moment and cherish it. They might be cliches, but that's where I'm at and where I intend to be for a long time. Thanks for reading this blog and feel free to chime in.

mp3: A.C. Newman - Come Crash
mp3: Elvis Costello - Accidents Will Happen
mp3: Girl Talk - Smash Your Head
mp3: Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
mp3: Soul Junk - Ungst Func Slag Collision


What's The Deal?

Many of you might be thinking, "Yo Pasta! Where's Toofer Toosday? I need my Toosday fix, dangit!" Well I had a crazy morning and things kind of fell apart on me. So no Toofer, but there is a fantastic show that would cheer anybody up. Granted it's Tuesday, but this is the last day of the residency of Drink Up Buttercup, Cheers Elephant, and New Motels at the Khyber in Philly. To make things even better, they're playing with a kick butt band in The Major Leagues. Do yourself a favor and get on down to that show and forget about this whole Toofer Toosday debacle.

mp3: Drink Up Buttercup - Gods And Gentlemen --> website
mp3: Cheers Elephant - Wide Eyed --> website
mp3: New Motels - Modern Thinker --> website
mp3: The Major Leagues - Moonlit Daydreams --> website


Nada Surf now streaming Lucky on Myspace

If you can't wait until next Tuesday's release of Lucky, then head over to myspace.com/nadasurf where you can stream the entire new album.

And let me just say, this album is amazing.

The Run Down - Monday January 28, 2008

Shows on a Monday? Yep...and good ones too. Down in VA you can catch Middle Distance Runner, Ungdomskulen, and Lady In The Radiator at Jammin' Java. At Johnny Brenda's in Philly you might want to consider chcking out Mahjongg, Get Him Eat Him, and RunRunner. Finally at the Red and the Black in DC there's a great one in The Shackeltons, Raise Up Roofbeams, and Frenemies. Good times.

mp3: Middle Distance Runner - That's A Lie --> website --> buy
mp3: Mahjongg - Aluminum --> website --> buy
mp3: Get Him Eat Him - Exposure --> website --> buy
mp3: The Shackeltons - Your Movement --> website --> buy
mp3: Raise Up Roofbeams - Heavy Machine --> website --> buy

Random Randomness For A Random World

Slow down. You're only king once. Don't stop the rock because tonight I can't touch you anymore unless it's kicks.


In Review - Jukebox the Ghost and Bellman Barker - Live at the Black Cat - Jan. 26

The Black Cat in Washington DC played host to the sold out CD release party for Jukebox the Ghost.......What's that? ....... You didn't expect this show to sell out? Well, apparently no one did, including the bands. The large crowd slowed entry to a crawl, causing many people, including myself, to miss most of opening act, Pash. But there would still be no shortage of awesomeness this evening.

Bellman Barker took the stage, in all their unique glory. They powered through an energetic set that included much of their EP, Anise & Anisette. BB's power pop style and range impressed the crowd almost as much as Aaron's wicked handlebar mustache. All kidding aside, Bellman Barker are primed to become a really big deal in the mid-Atlantic and beyond. Their final song, showed how far these guys can go. Two Bees started with Thomas playing the clarinet, and then looping it through an FX box that built and built along with the xylophone and guitar into an amazing finish. Seriously, who can use a sampled clarinet sound well? Shades of Johny Greenwood on that one, and that's pretty good company.

But of course, Jukebox the Ghost was the main event tonight. The three piece from D.C. came out to quite an ovation, and couldn't disguise the awe on their faces. The crowd that showed up to welcome their new CD was both plentiful and excited. It seemed a little overwhelming for them at first, but it didn't take long before Jukebox was having a great time, and generally kicking butt.

What struck me quickly was how quircky Ben Thornewill is whilst playing keys. His facial expressions ranged from mad scientist to comedian. At times, it looked like he didn't know what notes his hands were going to play, but they were always the right ones. Also impressive is how well Ben and Tommy Siegel trade the role of frontman from song to song. They're each talented enough that they could split into two bands and each would still be amazing. Luckily they are in one band, aided by the sharp and steady drumming of Jesse Kristin. The obvious comparisons to Ben Folds will be thrown at Jukebox wherever they go, but don't let it fool you. Jukebox the Ghost have carved out their own style, and created a future that is quite promising.

Mp3: Bellman Barker - Charles Kil
Mp3: Bellman Barker - Two Bees ---- website ---- Buy
Mp3: Jukebox the Ghost - Under My Skin
Mp3: Jukebox the Ghost - Hold It In ---- website ---- Buy

The full length is not available online anywhere yet, so check back soon.

Bellman Barker

Aaron of Bellman Barker

Ben of Jukebox the Ghost

More photos available HERE

The Run Down - Sunday January 27, 2008

Though I may be pretty tired, you may not be. So for you there are a couple good concerts tonight. At the 9:30 club, Super Furry Animals, Holy Fuck, and Fiery Furnaces take the stage and do what they will with it. Here in Baltimore, Sonar plays host to one of my faves, Lupe Fiasco. That's one that shouldn't be missed (though I am missing it...again...tired...and...it's sold out).

mp3: Super Furry Animals - The Proper Ornaments --> website --> buy
mp3: Holy fuck - Lovely Allen --> website --> buy
mp3: Fiery Furnaces - Duplexes Of The Dead --> website --> buy
mp3: Lupe Fiasco - Pressure --> website --> buy


The Run Down - Saturday January 25, 2008

Strap on your dancing shoes because there's some serious concert goin' action tonight. In Philly, An American Chinese light up the Fire with Young Gene Buffalo, Slippery Coup, and Bee Team. Over at the Starlight Ballroom you can see an amazing show in Super Furry Animals and Holy Fuck. Finally in DC, I'll be at the kick butt show of the night! Jukebox the Ghost has their CD Release show at the Black Cat along with Bellman Barker and Pash. Don't miss it!

mp3: An American Chinese - Panic Pilgrim, Quick Grab Your Suitcase --> website --> buy
mp3: Super Furry Animals - Run-Away --> website --> buy
mp3: Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen --> website --> buy
mp3: Jukebox The Ghost - Good Day --> website --> buy
mp3: Bellman Barker - Pockets --> website --> buy

New MGMT Video & New Paul Michel Demo

Saturdays are meant to be like this. A string of awesome shows, new music, and of course a new video for Time To Pretend from everybody's new favorite band MGMT. I can honestly say I never expected to see zebras, tribal wars, surfing, and hunting mass armies of dolphins in this video...but that's what we have...and I like it. Take a gander for yourself here.

mp3: MGMT - Time To Pretend --> website --> buy


In other news, DC's own Paul Michel sent over his new demo to me yesterday. I think it's grand. What do you think?

mp3: Paul Michel - Here In My Arms (Demo) --> website --> buy


The Run Down - Friday January 25, 2008

Holy crap there's a ton of shows tonight! Let's start here in Baltimore. The Ottobar has a quality concert lined up for you with The Fiery Furnaces, The Oranges Band, and Thank You. At the Lo-Fi, Waterschool, Human Host, Pygmy Lush, and Automatic Stallions play. In DC, Cornelius takes the stage at the 9:30 club. Over at the Rock and Roll Hotel, DC's Junior League command the stage along with Justin Jones and Driving Rain. Or maybe you're broke. If that's the case, head on over to George Washington University's Mitchell Theater to watch These United States, Vandaveer, Tut Tut, and The Winter Sounds play F-R-E-E! In Philly, the North Star has The Cobbs, Papertrigger, Jotto, and The Greyhounds. Finally, if you missed them in Baltimore and DC, you can catch DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's The Hard Sell at the Fillmore with Kid Koala. Wow!

mp3: The Fiery Furnaces - Ex-Guru --> website --> buy
mp3: The Oranges Band - Sweater Weather --> website --> buy
mp3: Water School - Whole Town --> website
mp3: Cornelius - Cue --> website --> buy
mp3: Junior League - Chess Records --> website --> buy
mp3: These United States - Burn This Bridge --> website
mp3: Vandaveer - Parasites & Ghosts --> website --> buy
mp3: The Cobbs - Say You Never Knew Me --> website --> buy
mp3: Papertrigger - We Are Nations Now! --> website --> buy
mp3: DJ Shadow - Divine Intervention (feat. Divine Styles) --> website --> buy
mp3: Cut Chemist - What's The Altitude (feat. Hymnal) --> website --> buy
mp3: Kid Koala - More Dance Music --> website --> buy

Friday (I'm A Remix)

We've reached the end of the week.......and I really don't have much to say. Maybe that says it all. I'm guessing this feeling is because of the mass amount of new music I've taken in this week. There's no room left in my tiny brain for thoughts about life and such. Oh well. At least I have music.

mp3: Spoon - Don't You Evah (Diplo Remix)
mp3: The Shins - Sleeping Lessons (RAC Remix)
mp3: Radiohead - Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazilia Remix)


The Run Down - Thursday January 24, 2008

The good thing is if you missed any of last nights shows in the area, you can probably see the same ones at a different place nearby tonight. At the 9:30 club in DC Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist bring in the sequel to Brainfreeze with The Hard Sell. Here in Baltimore, the Ottobar has The Walkmen, White Rabbits, and the Subjects. Finally up in Philly at Johnny Brenda's there's Voodoo Economics, Cloud Miner, and Life In Bed.

mp3: DJ Shadow - Hardcore Hip-Hop (Instrumental) --> website --> buy
mp3: Cut Chemist - The Garden --> website --> buy
mp3: The Walkmen - Wake Up --> website --> buy
mp3: White Rabbits - The Plot --> website --> buy
mp3: Voodoo Economics - What if those heavy things cracked their brittle bones to the marrow --> website --> buy

Abby Mott - She's The Bee's Knees

You heard it here first folks. ABBY MOTT IS THE BEE'S KNEES!! Okay, okay. Some of you might be saying right now, "Gee this Laurent guy has really lost it." While that may be true, it doesn't nullify the previous statement. You see I was growing tired of my usual complement of a band or person by calling them 'friggin good'. So now the bee's knees is it. For those of you not in the know-the bee's knees is a 1920's term basically meaning...'friggin good'. So once again...Abby Mott is the bee's knees. Why you ask? Well put aside the fact that she has a gorgeous voice, she played all the instruments on her debut(including the doorknob...which I sometimes play too), and she has a killer live presence. Abby Mott's songwriting and style are really what sets her apart from this saturated pop universe. While listening to here LP Hearts A Flutter, I was overcome by the amount of musical genres Mott seemed to be tapping into. Soul, rock, country, bluegrass, pop...they were all there. Then I thought to myself...she really reminds me of a modern Stevie Nicks. Really. Really really. So now you understand. The bee's knees...aka...Abby Mott. Be sure to check her out on March 1 at the Ottobar and March 15 @ the Knitting Factory in NYC.

mp3: Abby Mott - Snow --> website --> buy
mp3: Abby Mott - Aphrodite


The Run Down - Wednesday January 23, 2008

No plans for tonight? Well here's a few good options. Here in Baltimore Sonar has DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's The Hard Sell performance with Kid Koala. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty fantastic if you ask me. In DC, the Velvet Lounge has local hip hop acts Flex Mathews and Oddisee. Finally up in Philly, Johnny Brenda's has the kick butt show of The Walkmen, White Rabbits, and The Subjects.

mp3: DJ Shadow - Hindsight --> website --> buy
mp3: Cut Chemist - Storm (feat. Edan & Mr. Lif) --> website --> buy
mp3: Kid Koala - Stompin' At Le Savoi --> website --> buy
mp3: Flex Mathews - Up In My Room --> website --> buy
mp3: Oddisee - Once Upon A Mic --> website
mp3: The Walkmen - Subterranean Homesick Blues --> website --> buy
mp3: White Rabbits - Kid On My Shoulders --> website --> buy


Coachella 2008 Lineup announced

What can I say, except.........Ewwwww. That's the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. If you take away My Morning Jacket and the Raconteurs, it would be damn near un-attendable. Anywho, if you think I'm crazy and want to buy tickets anyway, they will be available Friday January 25 at 10am Pacific HERE.

The Run Down - Tuesday January 22, 2008

There's two fine shows for this fine Tuesday in Philly. First at the Khyber, be sure to catch the musical residency of Drink Up Buttercup, Cheers Elephant, Love Songs For Robots, Coltrane Motion, and Sister 3. As for true powerhouse shows, you can check out Band Of Horses at the Fillmore with Cass McCombs and Tyler Ramsey.

mp3: Drink Up Buttercup - Real Goood Sosey 2 --> website
mp3: Cheers Elephant - Wide Eyed --> website
mp3: Coltrane Motion - Super Sexy '67 --> website --> buy
mp3: Band Of Horses - The Great Salt Lake --> website --> buy
mp3: Grizzly Bear - Plans (covered by Band Of Horses)

Toofer Toosday - Okay & Ilad

Okay...I get it...again I'm a bit later then some other folks picking up on this band, Okay. A musical project of mainly Marty Anderson who produces this wonderful music out of Freemont, CA. Okay has an album coming out in April of this year on Absolutely Kosher called Huggable Dust. This album is full of beautifully written, simple, dreamy pop songs. Most of the songs are short, but don't strive to be longer. The are complete emotions stated and contained in Anderson's mini epics. The defining characteristic of Okay is Anderson's raspy voice. Think Tom Waits with a bag full of helium. Like Tom Waits, Anderson can't fool you with gorgeous vocals. They have to really craft the melody and drive of each song for it to be approachable. Marty does this and more making memorable pop songs that many will be singing the praises of.

mp3: Okay - Natural --> website --> buy
mp3: Okay - Pretend

Ilad is a four piece band from Richmond, Virginia that I've recently come to enjoy. They play a style of music that's hard to describe. There's definitely the influence of ambient free form jazz flowing through their music. On the same hand there's whispers of bands like 764-HERO and Modest Mouse floating around in there too. I guess if I was forced to come up with an analogy it would be like Medeski, Martin, and Wood suddenly switching their focus to mellow indie rock instead of jazz. I must warn you, though. This isn't everyday music (most music isn't). This is great music to relax and sketch or paint to. It would also be good card playing music or music to drink a glass of wine to. I guess that's why I perceive Ilad's music as introspective and emotive. The free flowing openness of their music lends itself to contemplation. I could rant on and on about this...you better just find out for yourself.

mp3: Ilad - Looking Glass --> website --> buy
mp3: Ilad - Holy Wars

Stars announce new US tour

Stars, the Montreal crew who like to blast us with amazing vocal harmonies, will be gracing the US with another tour, starting on March 19th right here in Baltimore. They kick some proverbial ass live, as noted HERE. So you might want to get some tickets. Good thing they are available HERE.

Mp3: In Our Bedroom After the War
Mp3: The Night Starts Here -----Website-----Buy


Under The Weather

I'm ill...and not in the cool Beastie Boys way.

mp3: Matthew Sweet - I'm Sick of Myself
mp3: Rogue Wave - Seasick on Land
mp3: The Flaming Lips - Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
mp3: Diplo - Solid Groove -- This Is Sick

Superdrag to play Philly on April 12th

Superdrag will be playing at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia on April 12, 2008. Its not up on the bands website yet, but tickets are already available HERE. This is the night after the amazing co-headlining gig with Nada Surf at Terminal 5 in NYC.

Overload.....pleasure overload.....2008 sooooo good already.

Go get those tickets, pasta peoples.

Mp3: Keep It Close To Me.mp3

What shows are you looking forward to?


Friday (I'm A Remix)

Once again the end is here...of the week that is. The pain behind my left eye is slowly fading. In turn the headache that has been brewing all week has peaked...and maybe...just maybe...will go away. Enough about me though. Let's talk about you the readers/listeners/lovers/haters. How are you? It's friggin' cold where I am, but it looks like it's colder in many other regions. Green Bay? COLD! Massachusetts? COLD! Brazil? Not cold...but you thought I was gonna say cold...didn't ya? Anyway I've got something that will warm the coldest and overheat the hottest. Remixes.

mp3: Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Oakenfold 2008 Remix)
mp3: Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis (Justice Remix)
mp3: Le Rug - Mammal (Pleasure Treasure Crank Dat Remix)
mp3: M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun (Paul Devro Remix)


On the live side of things, there's a good show if you head on up to Philly. The Teeth, Gildon Works, and Future Tips play Johnny Brenda's tonight. It should be good, so don't miss it!

mp3: The Teeth - Ball of a Dead Rat --> website --> buy
mp3: Gildon Works - Fourth But First --> website


Savor Savory James

Savory James is a three piece from Baltimore consisting of Rob Soma on vocals and guitar, Chris Brohawn on drums, and Josh Lundy on bass. So what do I think of them, you ask? They're pretty sweet. Savory James plays power pop/punk rock...no...punk rock/angry folk/indie power pop rock...no...music...yeah that's the one. Think Superdrag meets White Stripes meets The Clash meets...um...Savory James. They just released their debut, The Surgeon, on the Lifted and Gifted label in 2007 and it's a solid showing of energized and emotional rock. The main source of the energy is the thick guitar and wavering croon of lead singer/guitarist Rob Soma. His voice can take you from timid to fierce in an instant with his guitar going from hushed to blazing. The lyrics, which are surprisingly fluid and rich, spread from love to politics to religion over the course of the album. All in all Savory James is definitely a band to watch coming out of Baltimore. They have the emotion, grit, and enough pop sensibility to attract a wide audience. Next up...world domination, of course.

mp3: Savory James - Sit Still --> website --> buy
mp3: Savory James - Hollow Water

The Run Down - Thursday January 17 ,2008

Holy Crap! There are a ridiculous amount of good shows tonight. Starting things off in Baltimore, Wye Oak plays the Talking Head with Hands and Knees and Small Sur. In DC, the Rock & Roll Hotel hosts The Rosebuds, Drug Rug, and Carol Bui. Finally in Philly, Johnny Brenda's has a good one in Aderbat, Bon Savants, An American Chinese, and Peasant. Go Music!

mp3: Wye Oak - Obituary --> website --> buy
mp3: Hands and Knees - The Day I Was A Horse --> website --> buy
mp3: Small Sur - Yosemite --> website --> buy
mp3: The Rosebuds - Unwind --> website --> buy
mp3: Drug Rug - Day I Die --> website --> buy
mp3: Aderbat - Come Love --> website --> buy
mp3: Bon Savants - Between The Moon & The Ocean --> website --> buy
mp3: An American Chinese - Panic Pilgrim, Quick Grab Your Suitcase --> website --> buy
mp3: Peasant - The Wind --> website --> buy


Suddenly the room I'm in looks fairly bland.

mp3: The Notwist - This Room
mp3: Imperial Teen - Room With A View
mp3: Booka Shade - In White Rooms
mp3: Stars - In Our Bedroom After The War
mp3: The National - Guest Room

video via Wooster Collective


The Run Down - Wednesday January 16 ,2008

So many of you were itching to go to the Yeasayer/MGMT show at the Black Cat tonight. As we all know, it's sold out and nothing's going to change it. The good news is they're booking another show in April for the main stage. If that's too far away for ya, they're also playing the Troc in Philly next month. Luckily there are some other kick butt shows tonight in the area also. At the 9:30 Club, Blonde Redhead and School of Seven Bells will definitely put on a good performance for you. In Baltimore, Mary Nova rocks the Ottobar with Sparta Philharmonic, She Keeps Bees, and Sweet Basil. Finally in Philly at the Fire, Toy Soldiers garage rock it with British Lit.

mp3: MGMT - Weekend Wars --> website --> buy
mp3: Yeasayer - Red Cave --> website --> buy
mp3: Blonde Redhead - The Dress --> website --> buy
mp3: Mary Nova - Golden Rule --> website
mp3: Toy Soldiers - Wrecking Ball --> website


My Morning Jacket announce Radio City Music Hall show

My Morning Jacket announced today that they will be playing at the beautiful Radio City Music Hall in New York City (get a rope) on June 20, 2008. This should be epic. Pre-sale tickets will be available HERE on Friday, January 18th, a full week before the "public" sale. This should be epic. MMJ will seriously blow your socks off. Go see it. It WILL be epic.

Mp3: My Morning Jacket - Xmas Curtain (Live - Okonokos)
Mp3: My Morning Jacket - Mahgeetah (Live - Okonokos) - - - - website - - - - buy

BTW, I posted only live MMJ tracks, because that is the only way they should be experienced. Not to say you shouldn't pick up their albums (I have), but they are a live beast. Go see them. I double dog dare you.

Tell us about your MMJ experiences in the comments.

What Have You Got To Lose

Well as you locals probably know, the Yeasayer/MGMT show is tomorrow night in DC at the Black Cat and it's sold out. Apparently the main reason that it is sold out is that it's not on the MAIN STAGE WHERE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE! So there's a rumbling going around now to move it to the main stage and make more tickets available. Word! Make your voice heard. Contact the Black Cat and let them know what's up!


mp3: MGMT - Kids
mp3: Yeasayer - Germs

The Run Down - Tuesday January 15, 2008

There's some class act shows going on tonight. A sure bet will be down at the Black Cat where Vandaveer will style n' dial it up with Bottle Up & Go. If you want a big time show, get over to the 9:30 Club for Editors, Louis XIV, and Hot Hot Heat. Finally, up in Philly, Cheers Elephant continue their January residency at the Khyber with When Cars Ascent, The Danger Os, and Charles Latham.

mp3: Vandaveer - Different Cities --> website --> buy
mp3: Editors - Camera (SebastiAn Remix) --> website --> buy
mp3: Cheers Elephant - Wide Eyed --> website --> buy

Toofer Toosday - Finian McKean & Elvis Perkins

Today marks the official release of Finian McKean's Monsters of the Deep Woods on the Periodic Label. Many of you may not of heard of him, but that's okay. You will now. After living and leading an indie pop group, Push Kings, in L.A., Finian moved east to Brooklyn and started making a name for himself. In 2006 he released Shades are Drawn that was drowned in inner city angst and depression. Later he met up with drummer Patrick Brennan, and their music and live shows became a series of emotional folk/blues jams that sometimes amassed 40 tunes in all. From these excursions, Monsters Of The Deep Woods was born. Listening to the album brings a sense of dreary nightlife, dank souls, and ancient nostalgia. The last may be due to Finian's current PhD studies at Harvard's Sanskrit Department, where he is tapping into 4000 year old poetry. Many of you haven't heard the likes of Finian McKean, but, like I said before, you will now.

mp3: Finian McKean - It's Late --> website --> buy
mp3: Finian McKean - Got No Reason

Sometimes I get lost in all the music that is constantly swirling around this world. It makes it hard to find what you are really looking for. Maybe that's why it took me so long to find Elvis Perkins. Perkins has had a rough life. His father, Anthony Perkins, famous for playing the role of Norman Bates in the original thriller Psycho, died of AIDS in 1992. In 2001, his mother, a photographer named Berry Berenson, was on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11. These tragedies fuel Perkins' emotional folk music. He sings from the heart. You can feel a darkness...a memory burning in his soul as he belts and sometimes whispers the lyrics over his beautifully crafted songs. I felt it before I knew of these incidents, but when I learned of them, it all fell into place. They say within death is life. This is true with Elvis Perkins' music. His debut album, Ash Wednesday, was released in 2007 on XL Recordings.

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In my life, leaves do fall on deadly ground.
Finding January deep down.

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The Run Down - Monday January 14, 2008

Once again there's not much to report on, but there is a Black Cat show that deserves to be mentioned and seen. Tereu Tereu blaze in from Virginia with a great indie rock sound (like a more free flowing light hearted Pinback). Sharing the stage with them is Perfect Souvenir and The Bronze Episode.

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The Run Down - Sunday January 13, 2008

There's not much to run down today, but I couldn't leave out that there was one kick butt show tonight in Philly. An amazing band, Sounds from Atlantis takes on the Khyber along with New Pony and Baffle the Cat. If you're up for it, it should be a good one.

mp3: Sounds from Atlantis - 0505 --> website --> buy

In Review - Among Wolves & Others @ Lo-Fi 1/12/07

The Lo-Fi Social Club rests precariously between North Avenue and the Charles Theater. Being comprised of two row homes, the Lo-Fi brings a comfy and relaxed atmosphere with artwork and couches to peak your interest in between drinking and listening to music. It also hosted a wondrous show last night where indie pop rock blended seamlessly with blues, folk, and country music. The Red Vines led off the night with music that is comparable to indie legends Wilco. Featuring the drummer from Among Wolves, The Red Vines laid out a great set (with a trombone even) of prepossessing alt/country/folk/pop gems. After that, the audience was surprised to find an additional act that wasn't even on the bill. Justin Collins rolled in from Nashville with his guitar and a purpose - to astound listeners with his powerful 50s rock and roll voice. Seriously...he was marvelous. Abby Mott followed with a sound that I was unprepared for and, frankly, taken aback for a few moments. Mott has a tremendous voice that some might compare to others (Neko Case maybe), but shouldn't. Her songs were...how do I say it...the bee's knees...no no...treasures...yes that'll do. Pop treasures with a country song in there for good measure. Following Abby Mott, The Courtesy Line played. Short their lead guitarist due to a death in the family, TCL strung out a series of quality folk pop tunes. The real bonus came today when I popped their recently recorded demo into the old player. The tracks were superbly written and almost had the old Death Cab For Cutie sound going. Closing the night was Among Wolves. The crowd had thinned much by this time of the night (WHY?!!!) which is a shame, because AW put on the best performance of the night. Their music is fresh and unheard of in my mind. Who can blend experimental indie pop rock with synthesizers seamlessly with straight up country rock? Among Wolves. They threw it down, even throwing a Johnny Cash cover into the mix when they did the band member switch-a-roo (bass player played drums-piano player played bass- drummer played lead guitar and sang). If you get a chance, please go check them out...they put on a show that is worth every cent.

mp3: Among Wolves - Baltimore --> website --> buy
mp3: The Courtesy Line - The Lake --> website
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Among WolvesThe Red Vines
Abby Mott
Justin Collins
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