Toofer Toosday - Squaaks & Among Wolves

Squaaks is a B-more band that might seem like standard indie rock on first listen, but when you get closer to it you realize, there's something a little twisted going on. That's the good part. Squaaks is a band bred out of art school, a four track, and a wurlitzer, but soon grew into brash guitars and pop melodies. They remind me of bands like AM/FM. You think you're going to hear the standard pop tunes all the way through, but Squaaks tweaks their sound a little on each song leaving you off balance, but craving more. They're risk takers...and it pays off in the end. In 2007 they released Rock Control on Flatmeat Records. I suggest you go get it!

mp3: Squaaks - Two Hippies --> website--> buy
mp3: Squaaks - Be Dry My Bleeding Heart

Speaking of risk takers...enter Among Wolves. They're a folk-alt-country-pop-experimental band from Baltimore. I know you're looking at that description and saying WTF, but you can't really narrow these guys down any more. Here's my take. It's as if the Allman Brothers were travelin' west on a prairie wagon with their standard instruments to play. Along the way they picked up a theremin, short wave radios, casio keyboards, toys, and synthesizers. Then they reinvented themselves by playing Beach Boys songs for the rest of the trip. Basically Among Wolves has a strong grasp of the history of American music and can pretty much play it all. Instead of it sounding like mush, they blend it seamlessly into a unique modern style that should earn them acclaim in the future. Among Wolves is playing the Lo-Fi Social Club this Saturday along with The Courtesy Line, the Red Vines, and Abby Mott. Go...be...among wolves.

mp3: Among Wolves - Seems To Me --> website --> buy
mp3: Among Wolves - Love Pt. 7


Hey, if you're looking for good show to see tonight in Philly, check out Cheers Elephant, Small Flightless Birds, The Feathertops, and Peasant at the Khyber. Should be good!

mp3: Cheers Elephant - Wide Eyed
mp3: Peasant - The Wind

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