What's The Deal?

Many of you might be thinking, "Yo Pasta! Where's Toofer Toosday? I need my Toosday fix, dangit!" Well I had a crazy morning and things kind of fell apart on me. So no Toofer, but there is a fantastic show that would cheer anybody up. Granted it's Tuesday, but this is the last day of the residency of Drink Up Buttercup, Cheers Elephant, and New Motels at the Khyber in Philly. To make things even better, they're playing with a kick butt band in The Major Leagues. Do yourself a favor and get on down to that show and forget about this whole Toofer Toosday debacle.

mp3: Drink Up Buttercup - Gods And Gentlemen --> website
mp3: Cheers Elephant - Wide Eyed --> website
mp3: New Motels - Modern Thinker --> website
mp3: The Major Leagues - Moonlit Daydreams --> website

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