Middle Distance Runner - R&R Hotel - Decmeber 14, 2007 - Review

Sometimes I'm-a-walkin' down the street and people stop me and say, "Hey Laurent! What separates good bands from 'friggin great' bands?" Then I turn to them and say, "Who the heck are you and how do you know my name?!! But to answer your question. The live show."
When I first heard Middle Distance Runner, I was impressed. They played catchy indie rock with varying styles intermingled within. They were good. I was a fan. Fast forward to last night at the Rock and Roll Hotel, where MDR not only rocked their set completely, but 'friggin killed it'! They blazed through their set with passion and emotion that energized the packed crowd. If I were to pick a highlight...hmmm...the whole thing. One thing I love to hear is a good drummer. Well my friends, crown Erik Dean the greatest drummer in the WORLD!!! Well maybe that's a bit much, but trust me...he's good. It doesn't stop with him. Steve Kilroy, the lead singer of MDR, sings like there's a burning in his soul that needs to be unleashed. All of this wouldn't matter, though, if they all didn't come together and perform as one. And they did. Middle Distance Runner was a good band. Now they're a great one.

mp3: Middle Distance Runner - Man Of The People --> website --> buy
mp3: Middle Distance Runner - Naturally

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