Divine Ravens & Chimes

The sun is setting over an orange tinted lake. Cold whispers through my hair and sends a chill up my spine. A powerful chord from a Guild guitar echoes through the valley. Wait one second. There's no lake or sunset or chills! I'm in the middle of an inspired crowd at the Rock and Roll Hotel watching Ravens and Chimes utterly amaze me.
It's beautiful when music takes you places as it did last night at the R&R Hotel. It's also rare. That's why I'm still savoring the moments of R&C's performance. As I watched Asher Lack and company perform, I started asking myself a question. What are the odds that 6 New Yorkers could come together, form a band, and write and perform complex and personal indie rock in the same thread as the Arcade Fire? Well Ravens and Chimes beat those odds. Ravens and Chimes play music with sincerity and honesty that usually only comes out of the more seasoned bands. If you want to give yourself an early present, go purchase a copy of their debut Reichenbach Falls, go up north somewhere and rent a cabin with a fireplace, and put the album on repeat as you watch the snow come down... Oh yeah! To make their phenomenal performance completely blossom into uncharted territories, they ended their set with an stunning rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'So Long, Marianne'. Wow.

mp3: Ravens & Chimes - Archways --> website --> buy
mp3: Ravens & Chimes - So Long, Marianne

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