The Red Vines can’t fool me

The Red Vines full length release, Everyday Needles for Electromagnetic Lovers, may say 2008 on its back cover, but I just can’t believe it. Here’s what I think happened: The Red Vines formed a band, but found themselves without inspiration. So what would any good band without proper muses do? Of course, go back in time! The Red Vines went back to the 1960’s and hung out for a while, finding inspiration from the prospering musical tapestry of the time. Their song structure is both classic and innovative. The production sounds very old school, pulling back solid guitars and drums to showcase the vocals of Ryan Finnerin and focus on harmonies to create an album with contemporary appeal.

Mark your calendar's for February 15, when they will be having their formal CD release party at the Golden West cafe in Hampden with
Caleb Stine and Small Sur.

Mp3: The Red Vines - The Nameless
Mp3: The Red Vines - 10,000 Watts ---- Website ---- Buy

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