Savor Savory James

Savory James is a three piece from Baltimore consisting of Rob Soma on vocals and guitar, Chris Brohawn on drums, and Josh Lundy on bass. So what do I think of them, you ask? They're pretty sweet. Savory James plays power pop/punk rock...no...punk rock/angry folk/indie power pop rock...no...music...yeah that's the one. Think Superdrag meets White Stripes meets The Clash meets...um...Savory James. They just released their debut, The Surgeon, on the Lifted and Gifted label in 2007 and it's a solid showing of energized and emotional rock. The main source of the energy is the thick guitar and wavering croon of lead singer/guitarist Rob Soma. His voice can take you from timid to fierce in an instant with his guitar going from hushed to blazing. The lyrics, which are surprisingly fluid and rich, spread from love to politics to religion over the course of the album. All in all Savory James is definitely a band to watch coming out of Baltimore. They have the emotion, grit, and enough pop sensibility to attract a wide audience. Next up...world domination, of course.

mp3: Savory James - Sit Still --> website --> buy
mp3: Savory James - Hollow Water

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