Toofer Toosday - Arthur & Yu + These Elk Forever

If you've been reading this blog, you know I have an affinity for good rock music. So it may come to surprise you that for this edition of the toofer toosday there is no such rockingness(definitely not a word). What you will find out is that Arthur & Yu and These Elk Forever are incredible song writers and deserve to be heard even if they don't possess that rockingness.
Earlier this year Arthur & Yu released In Camera on the Hardly Art label. Last week I was finally able to pick up a copy, and I wasn't disappointed. The Seattle based band comprised of Grant Olsen and Sonya Westcott hooked me from the first to the last song of the album. These are perfect songs for a rainy day. Not so depressing that you can't face that ever daunting world outside, but also not so happy-poppish(also not a word) that no one can stand being around you. It's music that makes you smile, reflect, and sometimes regret. Enjoy the memories and the melodies.

mp3: Arthur & Yu - Come To View (Song For Neil Young) --> website --> buy

As the rainy day turns tonight, a good choice in music would be These Elk Forever. The music is hard to describe, and I think his myspace bio describes it best:
"These Elk Forever" (or "Gregory Glacier" or, honestly, "Gregory Gover") is a one man recording project based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania:
"These Elk Forever" make noises that sound like songs that sound like noises. Often times he writes AND records in the same breath! "Novel?" No. "Exciting?" Perhaps.
That about covers it. Gregory Glacier apparently plays piano, accordian, guitar, melodica, bass guitar, violin, various percussive things, mandolin, funny little bells and chimes, xylophone, voice, recording, tape loops, toys, organ, marimba, field recordings, and many more things of noise making-ness on his recordings. That list alone should get you interested. If you enjoy it enough be sure to check him out at The Party Pit in DC on December 8th with Bellman Barker and 5acrosstheeyes2k.

mp3: These Elk Forever - Pink Lights --> website

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