The Hard Sell

From the creative minds behind ' Brainfreeze' and 'Product Placement', DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist announced they will be releasing their newest collaboration "The Hard Sell' soon. No date was given but anyone who is firmiliar with their previous efforts should be geeked. I'll admit Shadows last album was a step back from what we were used to from him but I've heard some clips of the Hard Sell and its back to form for these two masters of the 1s and 2s. You can check out eithers myspace page to hear some snippets and await a release date. 'The Hard Sell' was performed only a handful of times last year in the U.S. and Japan so those of us who were not lucky enough to live in the Bay area or Tokyo will be able to hear this. It's not a hard sell for me, I'm going to get this as soon as it's available and I urge everyone to do the same.

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