The Sea And The Gulls

It's a rainy, cold, and kinda dreary afternoon here in Baltimore. I'm sitting here on my lunch break perusing through the vast internet. I'm a fan of the Harlem Shakes. They're great. In turn I'm also a fan of Arms, the side project of the Harlem Shakes guitarist, Todd Goldstein. Hopefully there will be a new Arms album out soon. Now in my 'surfing' I come to find Todd has a side side project with a lovely woman named Leah. It's called The Sea And The Gulls, and they're perfect music for this grey afternoon at work. They have an album in the works, but you can listen here and listen to a bunch more on their site.

mp3: The Sea And The Gulls - bees --> website
mp3: The Sea And The Gulls - 1000 hot air balloons --> myspace

wow...this is our 100th post!

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