Minipop is dreamy

When I heard the first few notes of Like I Do, Minipop's first single off their debut LP A New Hope, I thought to myself,"Uh oh, I don't think I'm gonna like this." By the end of the song I found myself saying, "Hey, this is pretty good." The quartet from San Francisco's formula of creating soothing atmospheric semi-electronica pop music isn't ground breaking, but is definitely ear pleasing. Tricia Kanne's voice is fragile yet powerful(somewhat reminding me of the Sundays), and the music behind it compliments it well. If you're a painter, this would be a great album to paint to. If you're a writer, this would be great music to write to. If you're a doctor, this would be great music to perform surgery to...well maybe that's a stretch.

mp3: Minipop - Precious --> website --> buy
mp3: Minipop - Fingerprints

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marya said...

ive seen this band twice as openers and i must say i realllllly hate them.

cj said...

love love love!
thanks for the post!

erick g said...

The beginning sounds very similar to "Where Is My Mind" by Pixies

Adi said...

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