Annuals - Frelen Mas : Be He Me B-Sides

If you haven't had the chance to pick up the Annuals debut LP Be He Me, then that's your assignment over this holiday weekend. It should definitely be apart of your collection. Actually while you're at it, go ahead and grab the Frelen Mas EP with it. Sometimes a collection of b-sides doesn't stand par to the original album, but that's not the case with Frelen Mas. I did notice that these songs were the slightest bit toned down compared to the LP though. FM does have the same distinctive multi-layered atmospheric sound that bellows out of Be He Me. The production is straight out of Paul Simon's and Peter Gabriel's notebooks. Lead singer/song writer Adam Baker plays music with such emotion, intelligence, and ferocity, it's hard to believe he's only twenty years old. These guys will be good for a very long time. So go ahead and indulge yourself with booming rhythms, beautiful harmonies, and production that will make you cry(that may be a bit over the top but who cares).

mp3: Annuals - Frelen Mas --> website --> buy
mp3: Annuals - River Run

bonus mp3: Manchester Orchestra - Brother(Annuals Cover)


If you're looking for a great show tonight, head on over to the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC to check out Maritime playing with The One Am Radio.

mp3: Maritime - Aren't We All Found Out --> website --> buy
mp3: Maritime - No One Will Remember you Tonight
mp3: The One Am Radio - Lest I Forget --> website --> buy

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