Superdrag - Live @ 9:30

Where to begin. This was the last date on Superdrag's reunion tour, and it happened to be at the 9:30 club. How lucky. I'll keep this show review somewhat brief, and say that this was a pretty amazing show. The crowd was mostly older (meaning 30ish plus) and consisted of some pretty pumped up people. Superdrag has always had a great following in the Baltimore/DC area, so this was a natural spot to end the tour.

Overall impression of the show was how different the members have become, but how much they have stayed the same. John Davis is clearly a changed person, quite humble and honestly thankful for the chance to play live shows again. John bowed to the crowd after nearly every song and repeatedly thanked the crowd that showed up (important note: This show was moved to a 10:00pm doors on a Thursday, and that certainly limited the crowd). Other band members retained what made them awesome; Tom Pappas showed amazing energy and skill. Don Coffey continues to be a bad ass drummer. I guess the most important part was how passionate John was as a singer and frontman. His vocals were powerful and mostly sung with his eyes closed. It was obvious that he was pouring his heart and soul into the show.

On to song selection. Heres where I gush a bit. WOW. WOW. WOW. Seriously, Senorita into 6/8 into N.A. Kicker into Liquor. This show was totally built for the old heads. I felt truly privileged to see this show. It lacked some of the surprise of other shows, as it was so chronological, but that's like complaining about finding too many diamonds in a row. They played damn near everything from Regretfully Yous and 8 Track Sounds. What more could you want (except Load which I would have freaked out over). And then went into Head Trip and Valley. And then broke out Sucked Out and Cynicality.

Oh yeah, then Bloody Hell in the encore. I call that "Ape shit crazy."

Other aspects that were crazy include that the band not only signed autograph's before the show, but announced they would be signing in the club after the show. And that they did. I got this amazing poster signed by all, and went home a happy camper.

So, I didn't keep the review that brief. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

Oh yeah, Mic Harrison came out and played with the band for the last two songs......and it was good.


Whitey's Theme
Slot Machine
N.A. Kicker
Nothing Good is Real
Tell Me I'm Not Free
I'm Expanding My Mind
Sold You an Alibi
Do the Vampire
Pine Away
Keep it Close to Me
True Believer
Sucked Out
Bloody Hell
Destination Ursa Major

Superdrag ------- Keep It Close To Me.mp3

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