Apostle of Hustle was lost but now is found

These guys grew on me. At first they became lost in the deep pit known as my music library. It wasn’t that I didn’t dig the music… I guess something else got in the way of me “really” listening to their album. If you continue reading this blog you will get the notion that I like music with euphoric beats. A good drummer/dj/pot-n-pan-player/sample-guy can make a band for me. A mediocre/bad one can break it. Apostle of Hustle has gorgeous drums. The songs are built around them. The driving melodies and lyrics consumed and transformed me into a better person for hearing it. Okay, okay maybe that’s a bit overly dramatic. Just check ‘em out for yourself.

Apostle of Hustle – “My Sword Hand’s Anger”

Oh by the way they’re also on tour. Go see their wonderfulnessisity!

SEP 30. Fayetteville, AR. Chi Omega Greek Theater.
OCT 02. Columbia, MO. The Blue Note.
OCT 03. Lawrence, KS. Liberty Hall.
OCT 04. Memphis, TN. Rhodes College, Outdoor Amphitheater.
OCT 05. Cincinnati, OH. Bogart's.
OCT 08. Milwaukee, WI. Pabst Theater

OCT 23. Minneapolis, MN. Varsity Theater.
OCT 31. Seattle, WA. Crocodile.
NOV 01. Portland, OR. Doug Fir Lounge.
NOV 02. Eugene, OR. Indigo District.
NOV 03. San Francisco, CA. Mezanine.
NOV 04. Los Angeles, CA. Ex Pix.
NOV 05. San Diego, CA. Casbah.
NOV 06. Phoenix, AZ. Plush.
NOV 07. Salt Lake City, UT. Urban Lounge.
NOV 08. Denver, CO. Bluebird Theater.
NOV 09. Omaha, NB. Waiting Room.
NOV 10. Chicago, IL. Metro.

Apostle of Hustle on Myspace
Apostle of Hustle on Arts and Crafts


jake-paint said...

What's a euphoric beat?

laurent the laurent said...

It's a beat from Euphoria...duh.