I can't stand lists. I love looking at them but I hate them. They try to take away eveything I love about music which freedom of choice. There is never going to be a definitive all time album list, which is a good thing because a list is just one persons opinion ( or a panel of experts). How do you determine if one album is truly greater than another. I have a hard enough time picking my favorite Radiohead album let alone every album by every band ever. My main gripe is with Sgt. Pepper, most of the all-time lists have that as #1 but to me its not even the best by the Beatles. My problem most people will say is that I don't have historical perspective. When I was born The Beatles had already relaesed everything they had accomplished, I wasn't there to hear it first. All I can say is that I know what I like and thats why I don't like lists, someone else is trying to tell you whats good. Like snowflakes no two people like the exact same kind of music. Even if you like similar artists, it may not even be for the same reasons. I used to judge people by the music they liked but who am I to say my music is better than yours. I like when someone recomends an album but whats gets me is when someone says ' you gotta get this album, you will love it.' That gives it the pump-up factor so that no matter what it probably won't be as good as I now think it will be thanks to you saying I will love it. Thats what lists do, they try to tell you whats the best and if you don't like it than you obviously don't know anything about music. All I'm really trying to say is celebrate diversity in music, know what you like and enjoy it for those reasons not because someone or some list told you you should.

p.s. for my top 25 albums of 2006 and my top 25 radiohead songs visit my myspace page. these lists are completely accurate so if you don't agree you don't know what you are talking about

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laurent said...

Oh that reminds me...
"Greatest Music of ALL TIME"
1. The Beatles-Sgt. Peppers
2. The Beach Boys-Pet Sounds
3. Some other things that I like.

(sarcasm lets me vent)

No really...what's a list?