Enon and on and on

There are days when you listen to music. Then there are days you listen to Enon. Enon is a band with members hailing from New York and Philly, but that has no impact onto what they are. They are a band that is unafraid of sound. They rock...they groove...they drive rubber cars...they're just good. They're number one on my list of bands for the sake of having a list of bands. And low and behold they have a new album entitled "Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds" coming out October 9th on Touch and Go Records. TandG have a song to listen to on their site...but I also have it here!

Enon - Mirror On You

Enon - Natural Disasters (from High Society)

Enon on Myspace
Touch and Go Records
Enon on Emusic
More Enon Mp3s

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