Reunion's are weird

This year in music has seen a plethora of bands long dead rise from the ashes and strap on their.....guitar straps again. Most notably are The Police and Rage Against The Machine.

The Police announcing tour dates earlier this year, including stops at the Bonnaroo music festival and the Virgin music festival shocked the music world. The band broke up around 1985 and there were reports of quite a feud between Sting and his former band mates.

I was at Bonnaroo this year (again) and witnessed a chunk of their set, which brought on yawns rather then head bobbing. They just didn't seem relevant to the scene, and I don't think they know what the festival scene is about anymore (at one point saying, "How are you Tennessee?" Everybody knows that Bonnaroo is its' own world).

Verdict: Break-up again please

Zack de la Roca put his guerrilla war on hold to return to the stage with RATM, starting with Coachella this spring. This tour is a chance for veterans and first timers to witness one of the best live bands of the last twenty years (perhaps ever, but thats another post). I'm making the trek the the big easy this fall for their performnace at Voodoo, and I let you know whats what. as I saw RATM several times, including their epic show at Woodstock '99. Rolling Stones review of Coachella below.

Rolling Stones review

RATM - Know Your Enemy - Live

Verdict: Guerrilla radio! Turn that shit up!

Lesser known but also amazing was the news announced in July the Knoxville based Superdrag would reunite for a six city tour beginning in October. Superdrag hasn't played a live show since 2003, but will be at the 9:30 club (my second home) on November 8th. I'll be there too, with a slightly skeptical hat on.

Head Trip in Every Key
released in 1998 and In the Valley of Dying Stars of 2000 were excellent albums, but the 2002 release of Last Call for Vitriol lacked much substance. I think at that time, the only substance in Superdrag, or at least John Davies, was alcohol.

A nice touch for the reunion tour is an online poll of what tracks fans want to hear. The top three vote getters will be in the setlist. I've flip flopped, but now I'm pulling for I'm Expanding My Mind, which is running in fourth currently. Go Vote!!!!

Superdrag - Senorita

Verdict: Pending


laurent said...

The Police getting back together was a good thing. For some reason they just chose to headline Major Indie Music Festivals. That's not quite the Police's speed. Go tour on your own...my guess is that they probably have enough fans to tour on their own.
Rage has rage(especially in that picture).
Superdrag hopefully won't be a super drag. There were some okay songs on Last Call, but when you release an album like "In the Valley of Dying Stars" anything else will pale in comparison.

JB said...

i think us not really being police fans killed it for us simon, ahem, i mean evil homer. i'm sure there was someone there that had a good time...well maybe not but tickets to their solo shows were crazy expensive it was a chance for people to see them who might otherwise.

JB said...

Speaking of Zack, i heard his solo album is finished. they havent said what its called or if any of the DJ Shadow or Trent Reznor collaborated songs made it either but at least its done. Radioheads album is finished too in case you hadn't heard. Its going to be a good year for music.

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