Well That Sucks

The White Stripes have canceled the rest of their current tour, including all dates in the US and UK. Pollstar reports the cancellation due to, "Meg White is suffering from acute anxiety and is unable to travel at this time."

That sucks for anybody looking forward to their tour. The Stripes rock hard, often playing medleys with parts of different songs mashed together.


laurent the laurent said...

A cute anxiety doesn't sound so bad...huh...ooohhh..."Acute" anxiety. That's much worse. Feel better Meg!

JB said...

thats weird because that band Rodrigo Y Gabrielle cancelled some shows including the austin city limits show like the White Stripes because their female member cited exhaustion as the reason. These female performers need to just grow some balls and play through the pain.

jake-paint said...

JB, dude you'd need to "grow some balls" too if you were on the road for 6 hours a day, soundcheck, eat fastfood, play exhausting concert, sleep on the bus, repeat ad nauseum. Girls do tire more easily than guys in general, but tour life is hard for e'ybody.

JB said...

you shouldn't take anything i say seriously. including that last statement. i respect musicians especially these two. having seen them both at bonnaroo this year i can tell they give their all and i am very greatful for what they do. I just thought it was odd that on the same day i found out both bands cancelling show at the Austin City Limits Festival for similar reasons. Dudes cancel shows too... see Chris Martin and a Birmingham show that they cancelled and didnt make up. Burn