The Enigma That Is Clutchy Hopkins

Who is Clutchy Hopkins? Only one thing is known for sure. He's a musician...of some sort. Some hints are dropped on his myspace page...but they're a little strange:
"When Clutchy was just 20 years old he traveled to the Far East and was under the tutelage of Rinzai Zen monks in Japan for many years investigating silence and the rhythms of silence in music. Later, he studied Raja Yoga in India to master and articulate the movements of the body and its relation to sound."
He's worked with MF DOOM and Dudley Perkins(that's where I came to find an interest in him) and even Walt Disney:

Apparently he's signed with Ubiquity Records and might have a release at some point.

Clutchy Hopkins - Air (feat. MF DOOM)

Clutchy on Myspace
Clutchy Hopkins' Official Site


evilhomer said...
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evilhomer said...

He's an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a vest.