Quick Hits - The Forms

I was surprised by these guys. It's been since 2004 since their last release, Icarus. Icarus received good reviews from Pitchfork, and pretty good reviews from myself. It didn't wow me though. I'm more of a pop-rock than post-rock or math rock kinda guy. Their new self titled album recently released has definitely taken the band to another level. Produced by Steve Albini(Nirvana, The Pixies) and recorded for 50 pain filled days in Illinois, The Forms seem to really hit their stride on this one. The music is focused and well written. They've added some pop sensibilities that break through the pianos and 7/8 timings every now and again. The production is top notch. Anyone who ever wants to make their music rock more should head on over to Mr. Albini's place and he'll make it happen. So the verdict. The Forms = Good Music. Wednesdays = Not So Good. Happy Halloween.

The Forms - Knowledge In Hand.mp3
The Forms - Bones.mp3

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