Jimmy Eat World - Live at the 9:30 club

Jimmy Eat World came to the lovely 9:30 club on Tuesday, and Evil Homer was on the scene. JEW at the 9:30 club has a special place in my heart, as I attended their two night DVD recording a few years back. My hopes were high, and they didn't disappoint.

Opening for JEW on this tour is Viva Voce, a duo from Portland comprised of married couple Kevin and Anita Robinson. I immediately deemed them the reverse White Stripes, as Kevin plays drums and Anita plays guitar. Both sing some lead and some backups. These two were a treat. They have a lot of style, a good stage presence, and can jam. Anita is the best female guitar player I think I've ever seen. They were a great warm up, and I'll be picking up an album.

So, jimmy took the stage around 7:30pm (being an early show). The crowd seemed pretty pumped, but turned out to not be (more on that later). A large banner unfurled, revealing the little bird symbol which has been all over their website recently. Wasting no time, they went right into "Big Casino," the opening track from Chase the Light. Big Casino is a solid track, right in line with what JEW does best, rock music. Showing that this would be a great show, they went into "A Praise Chorus" and then "Work." Jim Adkins played through these songs with so much energy and emotion that all could see he was really into it. At the same time, I could tell that this was not the best audience. Many seemed to not be at all versed in songs from Clarity and Futures, and even those who were did little beyond calmly mouthing the lyrics. By the time JEW had finished "Blister," I was pretty sweaty, as was Adkins.

This shows set list seemed to be aimed at the old heads who've been rocking to JEW since Clarity, but they seemed to get a crowd that mostly just listened to Bleed American. That's really a shame to, because the crowd didn't know what they were missing. JEW played an awesome set they even included the song "Robot Factory," which Adkins said before the song that they had not played it in ten years. On top of that, they played probably my all time favorite, "23," and an amazing version of "Kill" that was really powerful and emotional.

The end of the main set and the encore featured most of their radio hits, including "Pain", "Sweetness", and closing with "The Middle."

Overall, this was a great show. The production at the 9:30 club is always top notch, and the atmosphere is great. JEW continue to be one of my favorite bands to see live. Until next time.

Big Casino
A Praise Chorus
Always Be
Lucky Denver Mint
Carry You
For Me This Is Heaven
Robot Factory
Get it Faster
Let it happen
Bleed American


Your House alt version
Hear you me
The Middle

Viva Voce - The Tiger and How We Tamed It

JEW - 23

JEW - Carry You


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