Quick Hits from Voodoo

Just a few observations from this years Voodoo Music Festival:

- This years festival grounds are wholly unimpressive compared to 2004. No sculptures, statues, artwork, etc. WTF. How's it supposed to feel "voodooy" if all I see is big inflatable Southern Comfort bottles.

- Funk bands always have to brag about how funky they are. I caught some of Big Sam's Funky Nation, and the first song was dominated by the lyric, "ain't it funky now." In defense of Big Sam though, they were pretty funky.

- Hosting a festival around Halloween is the best idea ever. Today I saw everything from pirates to devils to Aquaman. Seriously.......Aquaman. And that's not even talkin' about the ladies. Grrr.

- Not that this is some deep revelation, but Ben Harper is flat out nasty with a guitar. Even more so when he's sitting down.

- Sometimes I wish people wouldn't tell me that they think a band is good. Porcupine Tree....not good. Coheed and Cambria....not good.

- Spoon....really, really good. Best treat of the festival thus far. Go see them NOW.

- Why are you still reading this. Go see Spoon, dammit!!

- Oh yeah, the Smashing Pumpkins played tonight. More on that tomorrow.


asoom said...

I plan on going early tomorrow, I wasn't encouraged to go fri or sat. The lineup isn't as impressive as last year's. Thanks for the notes!

JB said...

Ben Harper on a lap steel is a thing of beauty. And that Southern Comfort bottle was cursed so beware! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!