These days I've been sifting through a multitude of new music and have yet to come to terms with any of it(besides Radiohead and Sea Wolf). So in a time like this I like to look at the 'ol collection and select what some may call a 'banger'. A song that was a classic from the moment I heard it.

The Lisps - Pepper Spray

This songs got it all. Catchy pop lyrics loaded with twisted cynicism. Guitar and electronics that aren't too electronic. A guy and a girl singing back and forth. Whistling. Come on this song was born to be a 'banger'. Enough about the song let's talk about the band. The Lisps are a four piece from New York City that is known for catchy tunes and occasionally dressing up in old timey clothes. They currently have their debut EP out and a future LP coming out in January 2008. I doubt they can top this song. It's too good. But they've got me waiting for that January release just to find out.

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