J-Live? Trust me. He's good.

Before I even talk about him, listen.

J-Live - Feel Like Spittin' (produced by Da Beatminerz) from Reveal the Secret EP
J-Live - Wax Paper (produced by Prince Paul) from The Best Part
J-Live - Braggin Rights Revisted (produced by Premier) from The Best Part

Now you know. Why isn't J-Live blowing up charts? I dunno. That's the state of hip hop I guess. Everything J-Live is on, is friggin great. The majority of his albums are just plain ridiculously good. Go get one and find out for yourself. He's worked with Premier, Prince Paul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Spinna. Braggin' Rights Revisted is a classic for the mixtape and it looks like his new EP Reveal the Secret(came out yesterday via BBE Music) will be chocked full of classics too. A lot of MCs these days look to gimmicks and guest stars to make their albums more 'interesting' or 'appealing'. J-Live just raps like his life depends on it. Trust me. He's Good.

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JB said...

nothing good ever blows up the charts. do you think Deltron 3030 even sold 100,000 copies? probably not and everyone else is worse off but i still enjoy the fuck out of it.