Toofer Toosday - Voodoo Style

After hearing evilhomer's escapades at Voodoo for the last few days, I decided to dedicate this "toofer" to two bands that I wish I was there to see myself. Spoon and Wilco. These guys pretty much sum up what happens when music goes right(not wrong).
Britt Daniel of Spoon writes songs that breathe from the heart. This allows him to really push and pull with different arrangements of drums, vocals, guitars, and keyboards. Sometimes it's just guitar and drums. Sometimes it's a full band with horns. Either way it never seems too much or too little.
Jeff Tweedy of Wilco puts his soul into every note, every lyric, and every croon of his voice. What more can you ask for from a musician. Enjoy!

Spoon - Back To The Life.mp3
Spoon - The Beast and dragon, Adored.mp3
Wilco - Theologians.mp3
Wilco - Jesus, Etc.(live).mp3

more Spoon --> website --> buy
more Wilco --> website --> buy


Also tonight be sure to check out The Go! Team at the 9:30 club

The Go! Team - Huddle Formation ( RJD2 mix).mp3

more The Go! Team --> website --> buy

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