I'm A Criminal - A Friday Rant

Well as evilhomer posted a couple of weeks ago, a woman was found guilty for sharing some songs and had to pay a 'hefty' fine. What I just read today on the WIRED blog is a whole other can of proverbial worms. According to the Sony BMG Exec that was on the stand, anytime you buy a cd and upload it to your ipod or burn a copy for your wife to listen on her way to work or make any copy of that cd not without the intention of sales or use by any other person but yourself and your listening enjoyment, it is still considered "stealing". So basically all the people that have ipods out there need to put their cd collection away and repurchase all of their music in digital formats to listen to themon the handy portable device. WTF. Look, illegally downloading music is not good. That's why its illegal. But people are buying these cds. They are not sharing them over the internet. They are enjoying the music on one of these new modern devices. Most likely if they enjoy it enough, they will go out and buy more cds. I could keep going on this forever because it irks me. These bigwigs wonder why there companies are losing money. It's not because of the downloading or because of people uploading music to their ipods. It's because they don't care about the music. When you don't care about the sole thing you are selling, then you are bound to fail. Support Radiohead. Support NIN(who I don't dig that much, but apparently they are going to try the whole release it yourself-radiohead thang). Go to concerts. Buy the music directly from the bands. Ask them if they mind you uploading their music to your ipod from the cd. And Sony. Wake up. This is the friggin 21st century not the 1980s.


evilhomer said...

That's possibly the stupidest thing I've ever read. If sony really thinks making a single copy is stealing, why don't they just man the F up and go after apple for being an accessory to theft. Or how about going after imation or another producer of CDRs.

This really feels like a little kid throwing a tantrum, sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling lalalalalalalala, when they don't get what they want.

Great, now I'm all pissed off. Thanks L the L

evilhomer said...

And another thing. Where did you get that awesome pic?

laurent the laurent said...

Ah the wonderous Google Images.