Toofer Toosday - Figurines & The Seedy Seeds

Another drab Monday passes by and I realize it's a long time 'til the weekend. Then I remembered it's TOOFER TOOSDAY time!!! Up first is a band I'm quite fond of, Figurines. Yes yes the Baltimore-Denmark connection is alive and thriving. I first heard of these guys after they released Skeleton in 2005. Now they've got a new album When The Deer Wore Blue. Skeleton had high energy shaken up with strong pop sensabilities. When The Deer Wore Blue is toned down on the energy side, but taken up a notch with strong lyrics and pop melodies. If you're a fan of straight up pop rock with a twist of off beat Modestmousenessities, then you should check Figurines out.
Figurines - Bee Dee (from When The Deer Wore Blue)
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Next up is The Seedy Seeds. "The Seedy Seeds don't know you, but they already like you." How can you not be interested in a band that says that. The Seedy Seeds formed in 2005 and make danceable indie rock electronica pop. Imagine Imperial Teen with electronic beats, samples, and of course banjos. Here's a great song of theirs and you can stream more on their site.
The Seedy Seeds - Earned Average Dance America
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