Toofer Toosday - Eliot Lipp & Blu


Eliot Lipp is not your average DJ. There's no flash. There's no showboating of 'skills'. There's just smooth electronic funk. Maybe it has something to do with him growing up in Tacoma, Washington. All that rain washed away the sparkle, but fueled the soul in him. If you're looking to sit back and write, draw, or stare into space tonight, then do yourself a favor and check Eliot Lipp.

Eliot Lipp - Digital Disko
(off of City Synthesis)
Eliot Lipp - Dark Party Mix live in San Francisco
Eliot Lipp - Electro Mix

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Blu and Exile are bringing back LA hip hop with his recent album Below The Heavens. That's a bold statement, but sometimes we need bold statements. While the indie rock side of my brain is fed often, it's rare that I come across some hip hop these days that truly fills me up. Maybe that's just the mood I'm in right now. So be it. In the tradition of the Pharcyde and Jurassic 5, Blu and DJ, Exile(who you may remember from Emanon) have put out a solid hip hop album, with good production and lyrics that could stand alone and still be entertaining. What appeals to me about Blu is that the truth really comes across in his lyrics. Sometimes some MCs don't present themselves as believable, but Blu's rhymes about life paint a detailed picture of who he is and what he's thinking.

Blu - Good Life(Show Me) featuring Joseph and Aloe Blacc

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