Nada Surf @ 9:30 club - In Review

After making the commitment to road trip to New York for Nada Surf, of course it was a no brainer that I would make it to the 9:30 club Saturday night. It felt a little strange to be waiting in line while the sun was still up, as this was an early show, but there we were. Openers for the show were The Jealous Girlfriends and Kaki King.

TJG’s were up first. Although they seemed a little sheepish while taking the stage, possibly because of the early hour, lead singer and guitarist Holly Miranda soon surprised the crowd with her energy and gripping voice. She also proved to be a pretty kick ass guitar player. Their songs were frenzied yet still very tight. This was the last night of the tour for TJG’s with Nada Surf, but I’d expect to see them to be headlining shows very soon.

Next up was Kaki King, formerly a solo singer/guitar player, but now with a full band. Immediately clear was that King is an excellent guitar player, leading with a display of slapping and finger picking an acoustic guitar before her band joined in. Also obvious was that Matt Hankle is a fiercely talented drummer. He stole the spotlight several times through their set. Overall, the set seemed to vary a bit too much for my taste. I don’t really know how to describe their sound, because it changed every song. How do you go from acoustic jam band to covering German metal?

After a lightning quick set change, Nada Surf took the stage. Although a very similar setlist to the Terminal 5 show, this one had a unique feel. Of course, it was more intimate, but it also felt a little more loose. The crowd was more energetic and seemed better versed in their music. Everyone seemed to sing along to every song, whether prompted or not. The beginning of Fruit Flies was epic, with the crowd almost forcing Matthew off the mic because they were so loud. Speaking of Fruit Flies, Ira played these wicked cool glowing drumsticks. Watch the video below. The other amazing crowd moment was during Inside of Love, when Matthew asked that the crowd do a two step sway in time with the music, and we all happily obliged. It was very cool.

Anywho, Martin Wenk of Calexico joined Nada Surf again, adding wonderful depth to the sound. Keys, synth and awesome horns popped up all over the set. Seriously guys, you need to keep him. Or maybe clone him.

Ahhh, another amazing Nada Surf show. These guys just get better and better.

Blizzard of '77

Crazy Glowing Drum Sticks

Some pictures HERE


High Speed Soul
Happy Kid
Whose Authority
What is Your Secret
Killians Red
I like What You Say
Inside of Love
Fruit Flies
80 Windows
Ice on the Wing
The Fox
Do It Again
Beautiful Beat
See These Bones

Blizzard of '77
Blonde on Blonde
Always Love
Blankest Year


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9 beers? Really?

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