Nada Surf and Superdrag @ Terminal 5, NYC - In Review

The dream pairing of Nada Surf and Superdrag co-headlining in New York City was far too enticing for this blogger to pass up, even if it meant a trip up from B-more. And wow, was it ever worth it. First off, I need to compliment the incredible Terminal 5. What an amazing venue. 50 foot ceilings, two balcony levels, chandeliers, and a wonderful sound and lighting system. This was one of the best produced shows I've seen, and probably the best sounding show in any club. I'm so jealous.

Anyway, Superdrag began the night with a blazing set of songs from Regretfully Yours and Head Trip. They were very energetic and genuinely thankful to have such a large and boisterous crowd. They graced the crowd with two new songs and a John Davis song from his last solo album. Their set lasted an hour, which certainly meant they weren't the "opening band," but not quite the main event. I didn't track the full setlist, but heres the last four songs of the set:

Keep It Close To Me
Sucked Out
Destination Ursa Major

By the time Nada Surf took the stage, Terminal 5 was paaaaaacked. Well over 2000 people packed the floor and balconies. All were witness to what Nada Surf has become. I've seen them perform over 10 times, and they have always been good, but now they have reached another level. Nada Surf has become an elite live band. They captivate the crowd, their transitions are razor sharp, and the versions of the songs they play make the album versions seem mediocre.

Helping to up the ante for this tour was the addition of Martin Wenk of Calexico, who played keys, synth, and horns. He added very nice touches, especially on Killians Red (see video below) and 80 Windows. Other interesting moments were provided by Ira's ridiculous drumming antics. For Fruit Flies, he used a pair of sticks that had glowing tips, especially cool because the start of the song focuses the crowd on Matthew's vocals. Even more fun was provided by the breakdown at the end of Stalemate. Already an amazing song, which includes the Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division medley, but Ira played so powerfully at the end that he bounced one of his symbols away from him by about a foot. He was fun to watch throughout the show, making goofy faces and doing crazy fills constantly.

I am so happy for these guys that the years of hard work and touring seem to have finally payed off. I will miss the days of watching them play to crowds of 50 people, but as long as they keep playing shows like this, I will never complain.

Some pics from the show HERE

Killian's Red

High Speed Soul
Happy Kid
Whose Authority
What is Your Secret
Killians Red
I Like What You Say
Inside of Love
Fruit Flies
80 Windows
Paper Boats
Ice on the Wing
The Fox
Do it Again
Beautiful Beat
See These Bones

Blizzard of '77
Blonde on Blonde
Always Love
Blankest Year


Spydercricket said...

also you can listen to the DC show on NPR. Sounds like you guys had a better opening band than we did...ours was a bit too mellow. The crowd was not into it.

gaohui said...

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