Voodoo 2008 ticket presale begins. And man, its cheap!

Pre-sale tickets for the 2008 Voodoo Music Festival are available for what looks to be about a month. And they're only $75. So, if you can look past this years long festival season to its lovely conclusion in the Big Easy, you can save some money. They're even throwing in a years subscription to SPIN for free. Not too shabby.

Pre-sale tickets are HERE.

Last years festival was pretty awesome, as noted HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know any of the lineup at all? Ive never been and always wanted to go..... have a hard time buying a ticket without knowing whos playing :)

evilhomer said...

This is Voodoo's early bird sale. The line-up probably wont be announced until June or so, but then tickets will be more expensive. I'd imagine at least $120 this year, so its a leap of faith now.

But even if the line-up isn't great, you'd still be in New Orleans around Halloween.

gaohui said...

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