A Remix & The Run Down - Saturday February 9, 2008

Finally it has happened. When I first popped in MGMT's super great fantastic album Oracular Spectacular, I had two thoughts. The first was, "Dang this is the bee's knees!" The second was, "There's gonna be some killer remixes of this." Sadly I waited and waited, checked the hype machine, checked my email, checked my mailbox, but nothing....until last night. I received an email last night containing the first remix of MGMT's Kids blended with DFA 1979. It's great. Check it.

mp3: Peter Dragontail - KFA 1979 (Power Of The Dragon Edit) --> myspace


As far as shows are concerned, there's many great ones tonight. At Johnny Brenda's in Philly, White Williams smokes out another venue with Ecstatic Sunshine and Rings. In Baltimore you have the choice of going to the Lo-Fi to check out The City Veins and Lights Resolve or heading down to the Metro Gallery for The Squaaks, Baby Aspirin, and Goldbug. Enjoy.

mp3: White Williams - Route To Palm
mp3: Rings - You Remind Me (Ruby Beats Remix)
mp3: The City Veins - Toe The Line
mp3: The Squaaks - Two Hippies

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thecityveins said...

thanks for the shout, looking forward to the show tonight

the city veins