School of Language - Learned

In April 2007, Sunderland UK's Field Music decided to kind of stop making music to persue side projects. One of these tangents is David Brewis' School of Language. In February, School of Language released Sea From Shore on Thrill Jockey. When listening to this, I guess I could throw around terms like "post rock" or "friggin' great", but that wouldn't really pin point what Brewis accomplishes on Sea From Shore. The core of the album is held together by the epic four part Rockist that fleeces my ears with it's oohs-and-ahhs-a-capella backbone over and over. The other tracks drop in between Rockist parts with power and solidarity. I guess it's not too often you hear the words monumental and indie in the same sentence, but that is exactly the style of rock that School of Language emanates... and I can't seem to turn it off. Right now there playing all over Europe. Check their myspace for the dates.

mp3: School Of Language - This Is No Fun --> website --> buy
mp3: School Of Language - Rockist Part 4