Friday (I'm A Remix)

So that's where hell is. I always thought it was in a hand basket. Sometimes it's in my computer screen...or just computers in general. Here's to a weekend away from screens and in front of music.

mp3: The Teenagers - Love, No (Delorean Remix)
mp3: Jose Gonzalez - Killing For Love (Beatfanatic Remix)
mp3: Tokyo Police Club - Tessellate (Field Music Remix)
mp3: Spoon - Don't You Evah (Ted Leo's I Like It Hot Remix)

image via wooster collective


roopa said...

I'm all for good remixes, but the Tessellate remix is horrible - it totally ruins the song!

Did you make it to the WTMD First Thursday yesterday? The XYZ Affair was pretty good and Jukebox the Ghost was just as fun as I thought they would be.

laurent the laurent said...

Wasn't able to make it down there...wish I had though.

Anonymous said...

That mix of Jose is by far the best out there.. awsome song.