Pattern Is Movement Moves Me

A band with little fear, similar to the mentality of Deerhoof (greatest band ever) minus the punk aspect, but filling in that void with complex orchestral arrangements. The reason why I enjoy Philly's Pattern Is Movement so much is the spontaneity of every beat and note. Rhythms change constantly, instruments drop in and out, yet it all coagulates into a rich landscape of music. How's it done? Talent? Smarts? The "knack"? Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward probably have all of that. They also have a full length release, All Together (fitting), out on Home Tapes on May 6th. Check them out on May 16th at Metro Gallery in Baltimore with Wye Oak (holy crap that's a good show). Their myspace has more dates.

mp3: Pattern Is Movement - Bird --> website --> buy
mp3: Pattern Is Movement - Right Away