Rolling Stone Gets In On It

I'm not an avid reader of Rolling Stone, but when they have their little lists they like to put together I usually take a gander so I can be one of those people that argues with a speechless magazine. This months edition chronicles 2008's best so far. My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, etc. Low and behold guess who the Best Scene belongs to....BALTIMORE. Yes, apparently thanks to the success of Dan Deacon and Wham City combined with the growing number of indie acts, good ole Charm City has gained some props from the 'big media'. I can't really disagree, partly because we're based in Baltimore, but mainly because there's some great music coming out of here. Tons of variety....indie, folk, hardcore, club, electronic, experimental...screamo. Dan Deacon, Celebration, Animal Collective, The Death Set, Wye Oak, Double Dagger, and Among Wolves (one of our faves) just to name a few. Sure Baltimore isn't perfect (with all the crime and all), but hey, at least we've got a scene. Here's the article.

mp3: Among Wolves - Baltimore
mp3: Dan Deacon - Wham City
mp3: The Death Set - Selective Memories
mp3: Celebration - Lost Souls
mp3: Animal Collective - Did You See The Words?
mp3: Wye Oak - Orchard Fair

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JB said...

props to b-more. kinda surprised they didn't mention spank rock since they've been blowin up. 'b-more, get in on it or get the fuck out!' that should be the slogan.