Riddle Of Steel For Rock

Sometimes music needs to stop messing around. What's up with all these samples? What's up with all this disco? Where's the rock...umm...I...mean...where's the R O C K? Apparently it's in St. Louis...what, you didn't know that? There's a rumor that a three piece band lives in Missouri that produces the kind of rock that makes me nod my head back and forth when thinking about it. Well actually it's no rumor, it's a fact. Riddle Of Steel. Three guys, Andrew Elstner, Jimmy Vavak, and Rob Smith, crank out rock that sounds like Queens of the Stone Age dreaming of Jawbox or maybe Van Halen partying with Shudder To Think. Whatever. That doesn't matter. What matters is now is the time to test that little stereo of yours. How loud can it go (does it go to 11)? Riddle Of Steel will solve that...riddle. Their debut album, 1985, is out now.

mp3: Riddle Of Steel - It's Called A Turbo --> website --> buy
mp3: Riddle Of Steel - Who's The Fella Owns This Shithole?


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