I love my job - Arden and Georgie James at UMBC

Sometimes I really love going to work. Saturday's in April when its 80 degrees and awesome bands will play live music all day are certainly included in that category. Last Saturday was "Quadmania" at UMBC; Our big spring festival. Its usually at least entertaining, but this year included a bunch of really amazing campus and local acts, including Arden and Georgie James.

I'd seen Arden once before, but for only about five minutes, so this was my first valid impression of them, and the impression is FUN. Arden will likely be compared to fellow B-more band Karmellas Game, what with the female singer who play some keys, but this is not a copycat band. Arden has the full package. Great drums, tight bass, exceptional guitars, and of course, intriguing vocals. They are energetic and captivating. Catch them at Fletcher's this Friday, April 25th or the Brass Monkey on May 3rd.

Mp3: Arden - Kiss & Make Up --> Website --> Buy

Closing the night was D.C.'s Georgie James. Our admiration for GJ has already been stated HERE, but this was my first chance to catch them live. And it was glorious. Playing an acoustic set actually showcased how talented GJ are. Often when you strip a band down to its core, it can be disappointing, but GJ were well within their element. They were loose and were clearly amused by all the weird noises coming from the surrounding carnival rides. Laura Burhenn's vocals really matched the feel of the night. It was warm and blustery, and her voice sounds like a warm spring breeze, refreshing and liberating. A great performance indeed.

For those lucky people at Western Kenturcky University, GJ are playing w/Army of Me and Martin Royle & Pash on April 29th. Enjoy Washington D.C.'s finest in your back yard.

Long Week

mp3: Georgie James - More Lights --> website --> buy
mp3: Georgie James - Hard Feelings

Lots more pix from both shows are HERE

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