I Can't Complain About Georgie James

There seems to be an abundance of great pop music out there these days. That's great for everyone, but sometimes a band can be over looked. Don't let that happen with Georgie James. The pop duo of John Davis and Laura Burhenn has released their first full length this year on Saddle Creek entitled Places, and it struck me from the first note to the last. Places is filled with vivid lyrics, catchy melodies, and gorgeous instrumentation. Overall they remind me somewhat of the New Pornographers. Not so much as their sound, but the combination of two strong song writers fusing their musical styles together to form a indie pop masterpiece. If you are looking for well-crafted, intelligent pop music, it doesn't get any better than Georgie James.

mp3: Georgie James - More Lights --> website --> buy
mp3: Georgie James - Hard Feelings

Be sure to check them out on New Years Eve at the Rock and Roll Hotel!

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