Retreadin' 2007 Part 1

I'm not very good at comprising lists. Deciding if one album is better than the other gives me a headache. I do know there were a lot of good albums that came out this year that deserve to be remembered.

Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? was a winner from the first moment I pressed play(well maybe a couple of moments after I pressed play). They took their sound and truly funked it up, making bizarre indie electronic-ish dance music. I must say the videos for this album weirded me out a bit, but didn't make me take them out of the rotation.

mp3: Of Montreal - Cato As A Pun --> buy
mp3: Of Montreal - Grolandic Edit

This album took the term 'side project' and threw it out the window. Andrew Whiteman, a member of the band Broken Social Scene, put out Apostle of Hustle's National Anthem Of Nowhere this year, and it was a truly amazing collection of songs. Powerful rhythms and energetic vocals make this album friggin fantastic. I think I listened to it for a month straight before changing the old playlist.

mp3: Apostle Of Hustle - A Rent Boy Goes Down --> buy
mp3: Apostle Of Hustle - The Naked & Alone


katybeth said...

Have you heard the first Apostle of Hustle album, "Folkloric Feel"? "National Anthem of Nowhere" is fantastic, but it's even stronger.

Beats™ said...

I was listening to a DANCE remix on hype machine, the song ended and then the Gronlandic Edit came on...

I'm dig'n it.