The Good Ole Days of Plants & Animals

Montreal's Plants & Animals take me back to my delivery truck driving days. No tape player. Just a run down radio that only picked up 100.7 the Bay (Baltimore's best of the 60s , 70s, and 80s). Many might consider this hell, but I quickly learned to love a majority of these songs. Many of the artists sought out big production, clever arrangements, and never failed to include the sultry hook that grabbed you by the ears and twisted until you sang along. Plants & Animals have that quality that defines classic rock, yet they don't seem dated. So that was my first impression. Then things started to warp my mind a bit as it swooned around these tunes...Arcade Fire ...hmmm...bits... Animal Collective...tiny bits...CSNY...more bits...Then all these pieces merge together and coagulate to my previous impression. Well if you can make any sense of what I just wrote, then you'll love Plants & Animals. They just released their full length, Parc Avenue, on March 25th on Secret City Records.

mp3: Plants & Animals - Mercy --> website --> buy
mp3: Plants & Animals - Bye Bye Bye

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