Toofer Toosday - Famous Lovers & King Of Prussia

Montreal has produced many a good band as of late. I recently found a pretty sweet EP in the inbox from another four piece from Montreal. Was this the next big thing? Well I'm not the 'decider' of those types of things, but I did think it was pretty good. Famous Lovers, that's the name...of the quartet from Canada(though each member hails from a different part of the globe). Andrew Sepic sings the dark melodies while Jonathan Kelly supplies the aromatic guitar lines that makes each song a delicious meal. Think Interpol with a happier approach. There's a bit more sunshine than cloudy afternoons, but there's still plenty of heart ache to go 'round. This is a band to watch in the future...they have the ingredients to serve up a magical entree. When's the LP coming? (really...I don't know...but I want to know...so tell me).

mp3: Famous Lovers - Tocsin --> website --> buy
mp3: Famous Lovers - John Batt

We all know King Of Prussia. It's a town in Pennsylvania(duh). But have you heard of the one in Athens, Georgia. Not the town, but the band. No? Well you might enjoy them quite mightily. They put out their first LP, Save The Scene, earlier this year on Kindercore. Though it's short length wise, KOP makes up for it in the depth of each song. Many might compare their sound to Belle and Sebastian and The Shins, but it's pretty evident that the summer sound of the 1960's is in the blood of King Of Prussia. Each song on this album is a pop gem. Really. Aside from that, what takes this little LP to the next level is it's gorgeous production. The reverb drenched vocals and crisp acoustic guitars sparkle in and out through all the right places. I guess the only thing I can complain about is the length. I'm left wanting more, but I guess that's a good thing. You can find them at SXSW playing the Light Bar on the 14th and the Side Bar on the 15th.

mp3: King Of Prussia - Cheerleaders --> website --> buy
mp3: King Of Prussia - Misadventures of the Campaign Kids

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